Is Time Travel Possible in the Future

Even before H.G. Well’s novel The Time Machine was released, people have wondered for thousands of years about the possibility of time travel. Think about it, countless books, TV plots and movies revolve around this subject.

Well, what about it you might say, is it even POSSIBLE? The answer is probably. Would it be easier to travel to the past or, into the future? As our current astronauts have already experienced, time travel exists the faster you go.

As an example, when astronaut Scott Kelly, (Aboard the international space station for a year),  traveled at a speed averaging 5 miles a second, thus lowering the time measured between HIM traveling at a high rate of speed, and normal Earth rotation time.

When he returned home, his own aging process was about a year slower than his identical twin brother Mark. When measured, the difference in their appearances was slightly noticeable.

Now, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, Worm Holes, Black Holes, forming Space Cylinders, or even cosmic string theory may be used to play with the fabric of time.

Even world renown physicist Stephen Hawking theorized that entering a black hole, may very well be our ticket to time traveling. Of course, as of now, all of these ideas are merely theoretical.

Here is what I believe, look at our past, and then look at what has come to be in just 100 years. Mankind has created TV, air flight, rocket ships to the Moon and beyond, without even saying what incredible advances he has made in medical science.

I say, one day, we will be freely traveling through time, just as easily as we now fly through space. I can not WAIT to see what our future unravels. See you…In the future.

Until Later…

Poetry by Sooz

Oh withered tree, I cry out from beneath your pillars of wood, a lonely song.

I was a man,  a husband, father and a patriot.

Dutifully resigned by sworn oath,

To serve,  protect and defend my country.


Going to war, many times I realized not only its savage fury,

But the pointlessness of killing my fellow man,

For the sake of an ideology,

Or the consumption of power.


I rest now, hit by insanities bullet,

I lie beneath this oak,

My thoughts remain,

Yet, with hurt feelings of being forsaken by others.


Remember, I am the reason today’s freedom rings on.

Celebrate MY sacrifice,

Through the remembrance of of my fellow brethren,

And perhaps a prayer, to renew MY faith, and for an end to ALL conflict.












Memorial Day Tribute

While I was never in the armed forces, like all Americans, I have ALWAYS been proud of the job they do to keep our country free. They work long hours, sometimes in extreme temperatures both hot and cold, to make sure that our God given freedoms are protected.

I personally know several men and women, as I’m sure you do also, who have left their loved ones to go and fight in either Afghanistan, or Iraq. Can you imagine how hard that must be?

 For many Americans, it only becomes a small part of our lives when we see the bloodshed, and the ravages of war when posted on TV. Many others celebrate without a thought while enjoying  picnics, family gatherings, or just in house Bar-B-Q’s.

People, let us NOT forget what this day celebrates. We SHOULD be honoring the memories of these brave souls who have given THEIR lives, to protect ours. Let me say that I am not only PROUD to be an American, I am also GRATEFUL for the service those brave men and women have given us.

May your soul and the souls of your families be at peace, and may God’s mercy and light shine upon you now, and for all eternity. I salute you.


Poetry by Sue-Distant Sounds

Distant sounds travel through the vastness of my mind.

What ARE those sounds?

Are they the shadows of ghosts gone by,

Or forgotten memories, crying to be awakened?


Why must I be tormented so?

Be-Gone my past inequities,

Erase the troubled noise from a distant path,

And haunt my troubled mind, no more.


Seek shall I, only the righteous roads ahead,

Placing an end to my past misgivings,

Play for me now, only the symphony of delight,

And forever bear my soul to thine ears

Echoes of Silence


Moonlight, mingles with the stars,

As the shadows of night emerge.

Stillness fills the air,

And all that was, is now silent.


Echoes of silence fills the air,

While dreamers dream, and quiet sentinels guard the hallowed night.

Time slips into infinite space,

And the world keeps turning upon a shadowed plane.



Vacation to The Carabbean

Hi everybody! How’s your day going? Got to work early today and finally got caught up on all the paperwork I had to do. I’ve decided that I am going to go to the Caribbean for about 2 weeks.

My health has started to erode once I started back to work and started burning the candle at both ends again. I called my Dr. and he said he thought it would be good for me, so, I quickly booked a nice place in St. Lucia and off I go starting tomorrow.

I have been there several times and I believe it is just what I need to get completely healed. I will miss you all and hope you don’t forget me when I get back… My love to ALL…


Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

Well, here we are. After several years of answering Dear Sooz questions, I KNEW that one day YOU would be here asking me, (Yourself), for your OWN help.

You have lived quite a fast and furious life for a little drunk girl haven’t you? You were at top of your class in college, and then clawed your way up to be the CEO of your own company in just a short time.

Time really DOES take its toll doesn’t it? I understand the syndication deal you were looking at fell through, but you just picked up your hopes and dreams and just kept on going.

So what brings you here today asking for MY help? I’ll stop here so I can listen to your problem.

Well, I’ll admit losing the syndication deal hurt my ego quite a bit, but after pouting for a couple of days I did get over it. The thing is, I am not USED to losing, and I DON’T like it.

My whole life I have scratched and clawed my way to become what I am, and NOW, after THIS loss, I feel like a loser. I wanted to drink myself into oblivion, but realized this was NOT the way to go. I am torn now. I still haven’t heard from Stanford regarding my admission and now I am beginning to question my ability.

I’m just down I guess something which is not like me usually. I have no one steady in my life to lean on, and I feel like I am on a block of ice just drifting aimlessly in the Ocean of life.

What do you think I should do to get my Psyche back to normal once again?



Dear Sooz:

Quit dwelling on the failures and start looking forward to your future. The world is YOUR oyster my dear. Don’t give up and feel sorry for yourself, the “Poor Me” syndrome, get off our ass and get involved with the world.

Remember, life is fickle; you will not ALWAYS get what you want. Do what you are good at and help someone ELSE. If you lose yourself in THIS, you will not ONLY forget about your own troubles, you will become a better person.

Take my advice, that’s what you HAVE me for.




Once Upon a Christmas Eve


Once upon a Christmas Eve, an Angel came to me.

Rise up, rejoice, fill your heart with love, and a miracle you’ll see.

I rose from my bed,  and through the window I peered, and saw nothing but the stars.

No miracle I saw, no nothing at all, was the Angel talking about Mars?


I looked, and I looked,  my eyes had become glued, yet blackness did fill the night.

And THEN, in the distance, I SAW it I did, there was a bright and shining LIGHT.

My heart filled with love, and in the distance a Dove, appeared shining, bright in the sky.

A miracle DID come, so that Sins would be undone, and Mankind lives in Peace, bye and bye.


Once upon a Christmas Eve…


Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

I have a sticky question to ask you, hopefully you can help. My boss is a very nice guy who just loves to hit on women. The truth is, he is very good looking and all the women seem to go gaga over him.

Here’s the thing, his wife also works for him, but in the department where I work. Sooz, he has flirted with, and I know for a fact, he is having an affair with one of his secretaries.

I am good friends with his wife and don’t know what to do. Should I give her a heads up and let her know what’s happening, or should I just keep it to myself and let it fester? I am really torn here Sooz, can you help me?

Lost in Lakeland


Dear Lost in Lakeland:

Keep your cotton Pickin’ nose out of THEIR business. For all YOU know, maybe SHE is having an affair also, maybe they have an “open marriage”, MAYBE they are separated.

Your job is to BE there for her IF and WHEN things hit the fan, PERIOD. It is not YOUR responsibility to be the busy body and possibly the one who breaks up a marriage.

I realize this may be hard for you, but if you blow the whistle, and something goes awry, you maybe be losing a good friend over this as well as your job. Remember the old Navy saying: “Loose lips, sink ships.” Good luck.




A Letter to ALL the Big Mouthed, Never Shutting up Movie Goers


Dear Big Mouthed, Yappy Movie Patrons:

I have a bone to pick with all of you who just CAN’T be quiet during a movie. When I go to the movies, it’s all about RELAXING.

This is extremely difficult to do when YOU are reviewing the entire movie with your friends ALOUD. I’m sure you are all great movie critics and just can’t WAIT to scurry home and write all about it, BUT, just SHUT THE HELL UP while the movie is PLAYING.

I was attending the James Bond Thriller the other night, and two of you ladies, probably over 100 years old, were there also, expressing your thoughts verbally, and NOT in an “inside” voice. “Oooooowww, and Ahhhhhh, and shouting, “LOOK OUT JAMES”…

By the way, James can’t HEAR you. Not only is he TOO busy staying alive, he is in a MOVIE and NOT in the REAL world. Although, I must say, I don’t believe that YOU are in the REAL world EITHER.

Let’s review…Movies = Quiet time. This is NOT to be confused with Cult movies like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where everyone is repeating lines as LOUD as they possibly can, and getting up on stage to act out the movie.

There are soooooo many ratings already, I just HOPE we don’t have to have one that says “Shut the Hell Up” with an “STHU” rating… Please be respectful and let ALL the OTHER movie patrons enjoy the movie WITHOUT YOUR verbal comments. Thank you.