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I sit before you broken and drunk,

A pain within my soul cries out into the night,

Have I nothing of value left?

Hear my cry; all I ask of you is forgiveness.


Touch my soul, offer me recompense,

And guide me along the path of righteousness.

For this is what I seek,

The journey of drunkenness no longer sustains me.


Strengthen my resolve; Guide me within your light,

And let me follow the path towards everlasting light.








Where Did the Term Tail Gate Come From

Years ago in Roman times, The Colosseum, hosted a variety of games. Slaves, were sent into the arena to fight gladiators, lions VS slaves, tigers VS lions, etc. The “fun” idea behind all of these games was two fold…

  1. Sportsmanship and gambling
  2. Fun

Mow one of the favorite Saturday night games was where a gate was set up in the middle of the stadium, then, a lion would be sent in with a slave. The idea was to have the slave run his ass all around the stadium trying to stay alive, while the bet would be to see if the lion could get his tail caught in an opening and closing gate.

The bet, would be to pick a time on when:

  1. The slave would die
  2. When the lion would get his tail extracted by the gate

The closest patron to one of the times would win a percentage of the gate. The idea was, if you were LUCKY enough to pick BOTH the closest times. If you won, you could walk away with several thousand Drachmas, and never have to work again. The term for this game was called “Tail Gating”. Thus, the term was born.

Today, “Tail Gating”, is obviously a bit different. There are NO lions or slaves, and no swinging gates. Instead, there is food, and enough alcohol consumed to fill an ER. Which is better, I don’t know, I kinda like the swinging gate thingy. YOU be the judge…

Until Late…





The Struggle


Oh ravaged wings of time,

Return me not to the trials and tribulations of demons past, but

Release me from the evils that play upon my mind.

Let my strength be my guide, and thy will, to be my sword.


While the fruit of nature’s poison tempts my very soul,

Let me be steadfast and true to my body’s innocence.

Guide me along the path of righteousness,

And release me from the evils of a bygone time.


Carry me upon thy wings,

And secure my spirit with thy grace.










Poetry by Sooz

Oh withered tree, I cry out from beneath your pillars of wood, a lonely song.

I was a man,  a husband, father and a patriot.

Dutifully resigned by sworn oath,

To serve,  protect and defend my country.


Going to war, many times I realized not only its savage fury,

But the pointlessness of killing my fellow man,

For the sake of an ideology,

Or the consumption of power.


I rest now, hit by insanities bullet,

I lie beneath this oak,

My thoughts remain,

Yet, with hurt feelings of being forsaken by others.


Remember, I am the reason today’s freedom rings on.

Celebrate MY sacrifice,

Through the remembrance of of my fellow brethren,

And perhaps a prayer, to renew MY faith, and for an end to ALL conflict.












Poetry by Sue-Distant Sounds

Distant sounds travel through the vastness of my mind.

What ARE those sounds?

Are they the shadows of ghosts gone by,

Or forgotten memories, crying to be awakened?


Why must I be tormented so?

Be-Gone my past inequities,

Erase the troubled noise from a distant path,

And haunt my troubled mind, no more.


Seek shall I, only the righteous roads ahead,

Placing an end to my past misgivings,

Play for me now, only the symphony of delight,

And forever bear my soul to thine ears

Where in the World


Where in the world is Abraham Lincoln,

When America is in a slump?

Republicans say…Hooray Hooray,

Let’s vote for Donald Trump.


Where in the world is JFK,

When you need him most, to protect us from the fall?

We need a President strong and sane,

To lead, and KEEP us on the ball.


Where in the world is ML King,

When freedom needs his call?

To complete his dream, and lead the march,

So our world won’t crumble and fall?


The people will rally, and do the right thing,

BEFORE it becomes too late,

May God have mercy upon our souls,

And KEEP our Nation GREAT!!!



The Tree of Life–Picture Challenge


I conjure thee oh tree of life.

Rise from thy slumber, and renew from thy bowels, the eternal spirit of love.

Favor Mankind with thy grace, and restore to purpose, the wisdow once acquired.

I summon your branches touch EACH being with your compassion,

and may you enrich these beings with divine purpose.


To drink, or NOT to drink, that is the question.
Before me sit two Chalices, one filled with liquid poison,one filled with Tea.
The first, bids me come hither, sip of my poison fruit.
Drink the cup of times past and redeem thy strength.

The other, challenges me to partake of its sustenance.
Drink from the cup of plenty and retain thy sanity.
Which cup holds the true course of reason?
I sit at a crossroads, pondering life, and basking in the abyss of loneliness.

I want not the ugliness of long ago,
Yet I yearn for the sensation of drunken pleasure.
I turn to you oh Spirit of Truth.
Let me walk in your footsteps, and acknowledge the presence of your wisdom.

Guide my decisions as I walk through this trying time.
Help me feel my heart, and touch the beauty of thy soul.
Keep me in your presence,
And let thy knowledge guide my fallen soul.

Transcendence–A Wanderer’s Prayer–


DriftingMy soul doth wonder.
Never knowing what is to be, or not to be.
Is the story of THE Light, Truth,
Or, just an Ode from a tune played among the Ancients.

I seek thee thy wisdom oh keeper of the masses.
Grant that thine eyes be restored,
And my mind renewed through the power of thy Grace,
Grant me this oh Heavenly Hosts,
Let me FEEL thy love, feed my quest, and restore my wisdom.