National Geek Day

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That’s right folks, today is National Geek Day. Don’t be confused however,  the term Geek also includes the Nerd, Brainiac, or “people that are out there”. Believe it or not, it’s the Geeks that run this country. Take Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, and Tim Cook of Apple for example, these are the Geeks who have transformed and set the precedent for many new and innovative thoughts and inventions throughout the last 20 years.

I say give thanks to the Nerds, the Geeks, and ALL of the Brainiac’s out there who have made history and have changed our lives for the better. Also, in this month, other events that have come to pass are as follows:

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This Month in History – July Historical events for the month of July, by day:

1 U.S. postage stamps went on sale for the first time. (1847) 1

The first photographs were used in a newspaper. (1848) 1

The Bureau of Internal Revenue Service was established.

(1862) 1 The Philadelphia zoo opens, the first zoo inthe U.S. (174) 1

Taxes begin to be withheld from paychecks. (1943) 1 ZIP codes go into use. (1963) 1

Medicare health insurance program goes into effect. (1968) 2.

President Garfield is shot. His struggle to survive lasted 80 days until his death on September 19th. (1881) 2

The Lawrence Welk show premieres on television.

955) 3 The first cultivated strawberry is displayed by Michael Kent (1806) 4
After being displayed or over a century, the torch on the Statue of Liberty is removed so it can be replaced. (1984)

5 Baseball great Joe DiMaggio hits his first grand slam. (1937) 5
 The bikini makes it’s debut at a Paris fashion show.

(1946) 6 In the very first All Star Baseball game, the American League wins 5-2. (1933) 7

The United States annexes Hawaii. (1898) 8 The U.S. State Department issues the first passport. (1796) 9

Dick Clark hosts American Bandstand for the very first time. (1956) 10
After an unsuccessful attempt to change it’s formula, Coca-Cola brings back the ever popular original formula as “Classic Coke”. (1985) 11

Robert Bailey Thomas publishes the first issue of the Farmer’s Almanac. It is now called the “Old Farmer’s Almanac”. (1792) 11

Former Vice President Aaron Burr kills Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton in a duel. (1804) 11

Skylab space station re-enters the earth’s atmosphere. Pieces land in the Indian Ocean and in Australia. (1979) 12

Etch-a-Sketch goes on sale. (1960) 13

The radio is patented by Guglielmo Marconi. (1898)

14  Alfred Nobel demonstrates dynamite. (1867) 14

Liquid rocket fuel is patented. (1914) 15 Vulcanized rubber is patented by Goodyear. (1844) 15

Margarine is patented. (1869)

16 John F. Kennedy Jr. dies in a plane crash off Martha’s Vineyard. (1999)

17 The Harvard School of Dentistry becomes the first dental school in the U.S. (1867) 17
The air conditioner was invented. (1902) 17

Walt Disney’s ames and his gang rob their first train (1873) Disneyland opens in Anaheim, Ca. (1955) 18

Adolph Hitler publishes Mein Kampf (1925) 19 Samuel Colt, invented the revolver (1814)

19 Winston Churchill uses the two finger “V” for victory sign. (1940) 20

In “one small step for man, one giant step for mankind”, Astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first person to walk on the moon.  (1969)

22 Bank robber John Dillon was shot dead. (1934) 22

An act of Congress restores Civil War Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s citizenship. (1975)

23 Charles E. Minches of St. Louis, Missouri fills a pastry cone with two scoops of ice cream, and the ice cream cone is invented.(1904) 23
Air Force Colonel Eileen M. Collins becomes the first woman to command a space shuttle. (1999) 24

Pres. Hoover announces the Kellogg-Briand Pact which renounces war. (A lot of good that did….) (1929)

25 American forces defeat the British at the Battle of Niagara Falls (Lundy’s Lane) (1814) 25

Louise Joy Brown, the First “Test Tube” baby is born in Oldham General Hospital, UK (1978) 26

Benjamin Franklin became the first Postmaster General. (1775) 26

Mickey Mantle hits his first “Grand Slam”. (1952) 27 Bugs Bunny debuts in Warner Brothers animated cartoon “A Wild Hare” (1940) 28

World War I began. (1914) 29 Walt Disney’s “Steamboat Willie” premieres. (1928)

30 President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Medicare bill. (1965) 31 Mariner 6 flies past Mars (1969)

As you can see, July is a very special time of year. I want to personally thank all the Nerds, Geeks, etc. for a job well done, and I sincerely hope you enjoy your special day.

Until Later…

Dear Diary

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Monday, July 6th. 2020

Dear Diary:

I am sad today. I awoke to a huge hangover and a blackout from last night. Sometimes I wish I was just a regular person who didn’t rely on alcohol to stimulate my daily existence. Today I feel alone, like a person sitting alone on a block of ice in a never ending ocean, floating effortlessly to a never ending destination.

 Life seems to be a repetitive circle of ongoing activities. I get up with a hangover, out drink it, and then, drink until the sensation of inebriation develops my soul. Usually I will have sex, drink some more and then fall off into a drunken hazy sleep. Once awake , I repeat the process. Is there nothing I can do to end this cycle?

Yes, I know, go back to rehab. I am just too weak to revisit that ugly cycle of shakiness,while constantly being sick. I have tried it twice now, and the longest it took hold was for about six weeks. Drinking just seems to fulfil me. I realize that this is just my mind conjuring this fallacy, but for now, it seems to be all I know. Remember, I have been an alcoholic since I was about thirteen. Wow!!! Thirteen…

Someday, maybe I can summon the courage to go back to rehab. and give it another try. In the meantime, I guess I will be stuck in this never ending sea of addiction. For those of you who have overcome this addicting behavior, I give you credit, as for me, I guess I will wallow in my feelings of self-doubt and destruction a little longer as I take another shot of vodka and drink a beer. Thanks for letting me share my feelings Diary.

Until Later…


Cheers, I Raise a Glass to All

The 7 Stages of Drunk Girl

Hi everyone. Well, here it is 9:30 am on the Fourth of July and guess who is already pissed? If you guessed me, you would be right, but, so is Dot (my partner). We’ve been up for quite a while celebrating our Nations independence.

I must say, being drunk this early is both exhilarating but also unusual. Dot asked me what we were gonna do for the rest of the day?  I explained we would sleep off THIS drunk, wake up, and start all over again. She laughed and said, “Sounds like a great idea.”

She is so funny, and so loaded, her lips and tongue are already all over my boobs, while her hand strokes my pussy. If she keeps this up, I will have no choice other than to stop typing, and let her bring me to my OWN Fourth of July fireworks explosion.

Hope you are all having a great holiday; I miss you all, and hope to hear all about YOUR celebrations. Gotta go for now, I am being summoned.

Until Later…




The NEW Fourth of July

Facial recognition adapts to a mask-wearing public -- GCN

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July. Today marks a day that as Roosevelt said, “Will live in infamy.”  While we wear masks, social distance, and see thousands upon thousands of people dying due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we get ready to celebrate our heritage.

 I pray that all people who celebrate this day celebrate “smartly”. Please social distance and “wear masks.” Is it worth the risk to gather in large crowds, ignore wearing masks, and run the risk of acquiring this dangerous disease? Please folks; this is NOT just the flu, It is wide spread, and extremely dangerous for ALL ages.

While fireworks is a National celebration, in MY opinion, it would be better to watch previous fireworks displays on TV, Bar B Q on a small scale with a few friends and family that you know are safe, and enjoy the holiday with good food, conversation, oh, and perhaps a little libation.:-)

Hmmmm… I seem to sound like a little bit like Dr. Fauci don’t I? Hey, I just don’t want ANYBODY dying unnecessarily. Let’s get real here, without an audience who reads me, what’s the point, RIGHT?

Have fun everyone and remember this…Our forefathers dyed not in vein, but to bring about the freedoms we many times take for granted. Let us honor the fallen and the brave, and dedicate our freedom to their honor. Happy Fourth…

Until later…





To be or NOT to be Drunk, That is the Question

To Be or Not to be Drunk,That is the Question

Too late to ask, I am already well in the bag…Whether it is nobler in the mind to be drunk, or suffer the slings and arrows of sobriety, THAT is the question. For those of you who follow me, you KNOW what MY answer is…Stay Drunk!!!

I know what you’re thinking, Sooz, why do you feel as if you need to drink constantly. My answer is, I don’t feel I need to drink as much as I WANT to drink. To be totally honest, I like being drunk. Now, the hangovers, the blackouts, and wondering if I did something I shouldn’t have are entirely different questions.

I once mentioned that almost every sexual experience I ever had was when I was drunk. There is just something about the looseness of the mind and body that makes an orgasm feel like the Fourth of July. Is there really anything wrong with being drunk when making love? According to a British article I read, women have an average of eight lovers, and five of the eight made love regularly while being intoxicated. So it’s NOT just me.

Now, have I ever made love sober, yes, after I have come back from rehab? Did I enjoy it, yes, but, not as much as when drunk. The big question remains, who have I slept with, AND, did I have protected sex? To that I have to say…I Don’t Know…Luckily, I have been safe. Now, I am with my partner so I don’t really have to worry about such things thank goodness.

I’m not saying that everyone should be a drunk like me; I am just explaining why I still enjoy, and carry on the way I do. I realize there have been many books written about recovering alcoholics who say that soberity is the way to go. Good for them I say, NOT for me.

Oops, I am rambling now so I better sign off. Love to all…

Until Later…

Just Ask Sooz-A Child’s Plea

Dear Sooz

Recently, I haven’t written any Dear Sooz letters on line but THIS letter really touched me. My heart broke as I read this little girl’s letter so I was compelled to reply.

Dear Sooz:

I’m writing to you not because I think you can help, but because I want others to be aware of how my story relates to the virus calamity. I am an 11 year old girl Sooz and my dad reads you quite a bit. He is the one who suggested that I write you.

My mom was a nurse in our local hospital and was helping to treat those who were sick from the virus. My dad is an engineer and works from home. Anyway, after about 3 weeks on my mom’s job, she came home not feeling well.

She was tested immediately and was found to have the virus. Originally she stayed in our basement to separate herself from the rest of the family. After 3 days had passed, it appeared there was no way she could continue on this way.

My dad took her to the hospital, she was admitted, and we all prayed for the best. Two days had passed and she was placed on a ventilator. All of us were scared. Dad kept saying the hospital was doing everything they could for her, but, after a week, she passed.

We were all heart brokenly and I took it especially hard. My mom was only 37 and in good health before she contracted the virus. I am writing this to let everyone know that no one is immune. It can strike anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Please, please, please, take every precaution. Wear masks, stay apart, and wash your hands often as the CDC recommends. Do not let my tragedy become yours. Thanks for letting me talk and thanks for listening.

Amanda in Washington

Dear Amanda in Washington:

First let me say how sorry I am for the loss of your mom. She sounded like a wonderful person. I respect everyone who is out there taking care of others. To me, and many other people, your mom was a HERO.

God Bless all of those who are out day after day putting their lives at risk for the lives of others. I certainly agree with Amanda’s plea to be careful and NOT reckless during these unsettling times.

Again Amanda, please accept my deepest sympathy, and may God grant you and your family the strength to carry on.

International Nose Picking Day

Woman picking nose | Custom-Designed Illustrations ~ Creative Market

I realize this may seem disgusting, but, if it wasn’t done often AND all over the world, there would be no such day to celebrate. So, take advantage of this mega opportunity and get disgusting.

Hey, don’t look at me and shake your heads saying…”Sooz must be drunk”. OK, I AM but that’s not the point, it really IS International Nose Picking Day. That means for those of you who may not understand, place your finger or fingers in your nose and start PICKING it!!!

As an added bonus folks, it is ALSO German Beer drinking Day, hey, I can’t MAKE this stuff up!!! Drinking lots of German Beer may help you get involved with the nose picking theme. I am personally doing my part by drinking Budweiser (A German beer), and taking shots of Jack Daniels.

The secret to a good nose pick is to do it stealthily.  You can be in the busiest place in the world, take your finger SLOWLY to your nose and give it a good pick. If you did it correctly, no one will chastise you OR even KNOW that you have done it.

I don’t know about YOU but when I pick, I go in for seconds and sometimes thirds. Luckily, I have mastered this stealth behavior and could do it right in front of you without you suspecting a thing. It’s too bad they don’t have contests for the BEST nose picker on the planet. I would definitely be in the top three.

Anyway, I hope you have some good German beer and if the mood hits ya, go ahead and pick, I know I’M going too. Stay safe out there, wash your hands, wear a mask, and make sure that you social distance with each other. Love to all…

Until Later…

Masks and Their Idiosyncrasies

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With the outbreak of this Pandemic virus, everyone and their brother (literally) are donning masks to cover up helping to stop the deadly spread of the disease. While I am a stay at home person, I still travel out to do some necessary chores.

When I am out and about, I too wear a protective mask. While roaming around one bright sunny day, I noticed several other folks like myself all donned in masks. Some are colorful, some are surgical in nature, and some are even the N95 that the government recommends.

I have even seen HOMEMADE masks, and of course bandanna masks of different colors with pictures on them. Here is my problem, now I am NOT a Dr. but, HOW effective really are all these different kinds of masks?

I always thought that it was social distancing that counted. No one wants to have anyone cough or sneeze on them, but how effective are these masks if someone near you let’s go with a hurricane force sneeze, or, if they are coughing so hard their eyes bug out?

The other thing is the different styles of masks. I mean so many people are wearing surgical masks, I feel like at any time I might be called upon to remove someone’s appendix or something.

On the other side of the coin, what if I’m in a bank with several other folks wearing the cowboy/girl bandanas? Do I slink up to the teller to make my transaction, or immediately put my hands in the air thinking it could be a robbery? These are things to THINK about Ehhhhh???

What are your thoughts on this whole mask thing? Is it a good thing or should we just stick at home, drink, and be safe? I vote for the later as I have a very boring surgical mask. Hey. It is what it is, right? Stay safe everyone…Muah!!!

Until Later…