Lee Israel Writer or Ripoff Artist

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I just finished watching the movie ‘Can You Ever Forgive me’ starring Melissa Mccarthy, and I actually had mixed reviews.  First off, Mccarthy was wonderful in this movie, The REAL character, Lee Israel, not so much.

Here was a woman who finished both High School and college, and decided to become a writer. In and of itself, THAT is OK, what bothered me was that she became an alcoholic.  After SOME success, she turned to letter forgery in order to make a living.

In the 60’s and 70’s, she freelanced for some of the top magazines in the country.  In the late 70’s and 80’s, she wrote biographies of famous people. Her best works were of Tallulah Bankhead and  Dorothy Kilgallen, where Kilgallen rose to number 15 on the New York best sellers list.

After that, with her alcoholism raging, she dropped off the grid, fell into a depression and couldn’t focus her brain on writing ANY books or articles. She literally had gone from a semi successful writer, to a woman on Welfare who was starving.

In order to get by, she wrote forgeries of famous peoples letters like Ernest Hemingway, Fanny Brice, Dorothy Parker and, Noel Coward. This was very lucrative for a year and a half until the FBI caught up with her and ended a promising career.

She was a lucky woman however, and only received a  6 mo. in house stay, and a 5 year probation stint. While on probation, she wrote her own novel of her deceptive life practices.

It turns out that she had written over 400 forged letters and had made thousands of dollars. My question…Should she have benefited from this book, OR, should the money have been paid BACK to those she had duped? You be the judge!!!

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Is Time Travel Possible in the Future

Even before H.G. Well’s novel The Time Machine was released, people have wondered for thousands of years about the possibility of time travel. Think about it, countless books, TV plots and movies revolve around this subject.

Well, what about it you might say, is it even POSSIBLE? The answer is probably. Would it be easier to travel to the past or, into the future? As our current astronauts have already experienced, time travel exists the faster you go.

As an example, when astronaut Scott Kelly, (Aboard the international space station for a year),  traveled at a speed averaging 5 miles a second, thus lowering the time measured between HIM traveling at a high rate of speed, and normal Earth rotation time.

When he returned home, his own aging process was about a year slower than his identical twin brother Mark. When measured, the difference in their appearances was slightly noticeable.

Now, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, Worm Holes, Black Holes, forming Space Cylinders, or even cosmic string theory may be used to play with the fabric of time.

Even world renown physicist Stephen Hawking theorized that entering a black hole, may very well be our ticket to time traveling. Of course, as of now, all of these ideas are merely theoretical.

Here is what I believe, look at our past, and then look at what has come to be in just 100 years. Mankind has created TV, air flight, rocket ships to the Moon and beyond, without even saying what incredible advances he has made in medical science.

I say, one day, we will be freely traveling through time, just as easily as we now fly through space. I can not WAIT to see what our future unravels. See you…In the future.

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Bank Robber Runs Naked Through Streets

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A bank Robber who robbed a Regent Bank in Ft. Lauderdale today was seen running down several blocks totally naked. A dye pack an employee stashed in the stolen money exploded, and the man quickly discarded his clothes as not to be mistaken for a Pink Smurf.

Several passers by exclaimed that, “There really wasn’t much to LOOK at”, as the man dropped 100 and 50 dollar bills out of his ass as he ran. After his capture, he was asked,” Why he did it”, he said, “ He thought it would be a funny way to start his comedy career.” Authorities agreed unfortunately, it will be…15-20 years from now.

The Take Away:

Just a thought from the peanut gallery, next time, use a getaway car. Hopefully, you are a DAMN FUNNY guy now that you are going to prison. You will NEED all the laughs you can get.


Random Thoughts

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In every life, I believe we coexist as two individual personalities in one body. The first, is one who is kind, compassionate, generous and loving.

Our evil twin if you will. This personality, is the one who is ultimately destructive. The one who lies, cheats, and lives the carefree lifestyle, free from the “towing the line philosophy”.

Some of us are swayed by one or the other personality, while others lean towards the combination of both. I have always been fascinated by Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, seeing whether the evil could be extracted and the good be made ever present.

Interesting though isn’t it? So many Psychiatric drugs developed which calm and restore “normalcy”, yet nothing to actually separate the two different personalities. I believe one day this WILL be the case and we will get to choose the life we want.

Think of it, taking the evil out of the criminal, forcing them to walk the straight and narrow. No more malice or fear, they would walk with the angels, and we would become a world without fear, one which could share the wealth, food, and medicine with all other Nations.

Sure, this is but a dream, but if it is, let me forever sleep. Goodnight!!!



Sooz’s Diary


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** Erotic Content**

Pent-up, tense, and wild like a cat, that’s how I felt. School had been going well, but I was tired living like a NUN. Sometimes the urge just gets to be too much, and I just need that release. I KNEW how to satisfy that itch,   so I called Madame Olga and made an appointment.

Hotter and wetter I got just thinking about the pain and the pleasure awaiting me. I must admit, while I enjoy ALL sex, S&M has always been one of my favorite varieties. The whack of the riding crop on my ass followed by the gentle kissing and feathering technique has ALWAYS brought me to orgasm.

Olga met me at the door and kissed me hard while gently feeling my breasts on top of my white silk blouse. I smelled whiskey on her breath and it made me wish I had never quit. You haven’t been drinking; she said as she removed her hand from my tits and placed one on my ass.

“I quit”, I said. “Oh NO”, she said with a smile, “that won’t do, I like you nice and drunk, now come and drink with me”. She disappeared and in a couple of minutes, she brought out a whole pitcher of Vodka and Cranberry.

“But I…” “Nonsense”, she said, “my house, my rules”. I took a long pull from my drink and it was like Heaven. Warm sensations ran from my lips to my Nether Region and I knew that this was NOT going to be my last drink.

We drank for an hour, and once again, ALL my inhibitions were gone, the world was my oyster, I was drunk. Olga, what a beauty, long flowing blond hair, luscious thicker lips and a body that wouldn’t quit, I WANTED her. Her tight leather outfit accentuated all her charms like honey on a bee hive.

She undressed me slowly while teasing me with those beautiful lips. For tonight, I was hers, and she knew it. She tied my hands with rope and made me get on my knees. “You’ve been a BAD girl Sooz, you need to be punished”. She took out her riding crop and laid it against my ass. Again and again the angry whip flew until the pain had been offset by a tool made entirely of feathers. God did that feel good. Again with the whip followed by gentle licking kisses. Then, something I wasn’t expecting, she stood me up, went and got a hot towel and placed it between my legs while holding it on both sides.

“Piss yourself”, she commanded, and I did. Warm, comforting yellow piss ran from my taint into the towel and onto the marks on my ass. I was just about to Cum when Olga removed the towel and started kissing and licking my dripping piss.

Nothing more to say, I came till there was no tomorrow. Olga smiled at me and said, “Feel better now”? “OMG”, I panted out, “that was amazing”. She untied my hands, gave me a robe and said, “You’re too drunk to drive, you’ll stay here tonight with me”.

I happily agreed and returned the favor for HER in the morning. “I needed that”. I wanted a drink, but decided against it and we said our good-byes. I returned to school happier and with a lot less nunnery on my mind.

Until Later…



Sometimes ya Just Need to Talk to Yourself


Before we start out, let me just point out for all you grammar nerds out there, I realize I should have put in You instead of ya in the title. This, however, is NOT what I wanted so Ooooooh.

How many of you out there talk to YOURSELF? HELLOOOO!!!! Is anybody out there??? Let me just say this, I KNOW who you are, and if I am being honest, I ALSO will admit talking to myself.

Does that make you CRAZY, maybe, but in many instances I believe it helps  focus the mind. If I am trying to figure something out as an example, you will always find me in my kitchen talking vigorously to myself about what I should do.

Several times I have come up with a solution by doing this. Now, does that make me crazy, well, I guess that is really a matter of opinion. I mean it’s not like I talk to an imaginary friend, I am talking to a bright, well liked person who can help…ME!!!

If you say you DON’T talk to yourself on occasion, then you ARE crazy. That’s Sooz’s philosophy anyway. “There Dr. Freud, I said it out loud”. Now you can go and write me up in your medical journal of crazy behaviors.

I could go on an on about this subject, but right now, I have to have a little talk with myself about something.

Until Later…


National Sandwich Day

Hey, I just look ’em up, NOT name them. Seriously WHO makes up this stuff anyway? Pretty soon, we are going to have a national day for Potty Training or Beer Pong. Although, Beer Pong might just be a good one…Hehehehehe.

So considering that it is National Sandwich Day, I’m going to make my favorite sandwich…Ham and Swiss cheese with lettuce , mayo, and tomato. Grilled to perfection with a dill pickle on the side.

What about you folks, let’s hear what YOUR favorite sandwich is….Yummy!!!!


Food For Thought

I have reviewed some of my blogs today and I must tell you, I am appalled at what I have written lately. There was absolutely NOTHING of value there at all. WOW!!!

I’m going to have to write something of substance before I am thought to be just a stupid Redhead who drinks too much and only writes about sex and other lascivious matters.

I must remind you all that I DO have a brain, SOMEWHERE??? No, it is NOT up my ass!!! OK, here we go with something tasteful and interesting.

I saw a news story in Time today about a Rochester girl, Brittanee Drexel, who has been missing since 2009 while on Spring break. The 17 year old girl disappeared while enjoying her time off from school in Myrtle Beach and was never heard from again.

The FBI now believes a prison inmate who was present when the teenage girl was killed, said she was raped, shot, and then left in a pit with alligators to eat her remains. To date, her body or any other clues have still not been discovered.

Now I ask you, what kind of person DOES this to another Human being? This is just beyond the scope of ANY Human decency. I sincerely hope that the FBI, DOES confirm this inmate’s story, and can find the perpetrator who has committed this heinous crime.

While I don’t condone the death penalty, in THIS case, I would be at the prison cheering for the most painful way to kill the heartless Human being who committed this crime. In this case, “An Eye For an Eye” I say…

Unexplained Mysteries

While there are many unusual things around the world that many people CLAIM they can explain, here are some “Unsolved Mysteries” that have NEVER been explained or proved beyond a reasonable doubt.



Yes, yes, I know, there are MANY explanations for Bigfoot by many people. No one, however, has yet to actually prove the existence or WHAT type of creature it really is. Many believe it is just an ape; however, it stands erect, thus negating that theory.

The City of Atlantis


Plato himself has discussed the great city of Atlantis in his two dialogues Timaeus and Critias. They specifically mentioned Atlantis and what a splendid city it was in its prime. Since Plato was a real person, it stands to reason that Atlantis had indeed been a great city long before being consumed by the ocean. Yet, there has been nothing to corroborate what Plato has written.

The WOW Signal


“When Jerry R. Ehman worked under the SETI Project of the Ohio Wesleyan University’s Perkins Observatory, he did not expect that he would be able to pick up a radio frequency supposedly coming from deep space. He was able to get a 72-second signal from the constellation Sagittarius and was never able to get it again. Up to this day, no one is sure about the origin of the signal. It derived its name, however, from the “wow!” that Jerry wrote in the margin of the printout.” 



Just outside the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, you will behold a statue that has coded encryptions on its surface. This very captivating sculpture was created by Jim Sanborn to show that everything can be resolved and decoded with the use of patterns and clues. Of the four inscription sections that were included, only the first three have been cracked, but the fourth? Not even the brilliant minds in the CIA were able to get to the bottom of it.”

These are just a few; there are many others like The Lochness Monster, Moth-Man, Extra Terrestrials, and many more that test the brains of man. What do YOU think about all of these???

Oh, I almost forgot, what about Stonehenge and The Bermuda Triangle….Hehehehehehe….



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