Happy St. Patties Day


Happy Patties Day to All

Top of the mornin’ to ya all. This is Sooz wishin’ ya all the luck of the Irish today. I am dressed all in green, have a shamrock on me blouse, and I am ready to leave the work behind and celebrate like the good, well, Irish girl I am.

I never told anyone this, but me grandmum and grandda were from the old country, just outside of County Cork Ireland. I’m about as Irish as they come, and today, I’ll be a celebration’ with all my leprechaun friends.

Yes, I can do a gig with the best of them, and, as far as green beer is concerned, I’ve been known to tip a few Steins back also. So today, is a PARTY day for Erin, Dancin’ and partying, till the wee hours of the morn.

Hey…If ya run into me, I’ll save ya a dance…

Love and Kisses