Just Ask Sooz–Special Edition For a Close Friend of Mine–


Dear Sooz:

I recently lost a very special person in my life. My sister just passed after a long and well fought struggle with Lymphomic Cancer. I am severely struggling with this loss and was wondering if there is anything I can do to help deal with the pain?

My family and friends have been great, but, we shared such a special bond, I almost feel as if when She died, so did I. We did everything together and now I am at a cross roads of what to do without her.

Please give me some advice that will help comfort me.

Depressed Debbie

Dear Depressed Debbie:

Losing a loved one is NEVER easy, especially when you were so close. I too have suffered such a loss with my father’s passing, and STILL find that the grief haunts me on a daily basis.

Please remember the good things that you and your sister did together. Relive these memories as I do with my father. Share in the comfort knowing that where ever you both went, you shared some joy with others, who in turn probably passed THAT joy on yet to others that THEY  touched.

Remember the good times with the family, childhood experiences that could only have been shared by you and your sister. Embrace these warm memories and your sister will continue to live on with in your soul.

I’m sure you and your sister have some shared some Humanitarian traits together. Extend those to others to help enlighten THEIR lives, and I guarantee you, your sister will continue to live on FOREVER through you.

My condolences are certainly with you during these sad times. May you gain the strength required to continue on, and may the love that you  BOTH shared, be now doubled, and remain throughout your life. God Bless You.