Just Ask Sooz



Dear Sooz:

I read you all the time and some of the quirky letters you get, well, here is one more. My husband has this annoying habit I have been trying to break him of now for a longtime.

When we watch TV at night, he whistles Yankee Doodle and drums his fingers at the same time. At first I really didn’t pay attention to it but he does it consistantly and it is driving me nuts. I have tried yelling at him, and have talked to him about it but nothing seems to help.

In all other ways Sooz he is wonderful. It is just that this annoying habit is driving me bug nuts. What can I do?

Whistle me Dixie

Dear Whistle:

I must say, this habit does seem a bit over the top. Anyway, I have good news for you, strap on a bass drum with some symbols attached and you can make him a one man band…Think of it, he could be making you MONEY…Just kidding.

Seriously, any bad habit can be broken, here is my advice. Distract the Yankee doodle singing by placing a pretzel in his mouth every time he starts whistling. Most of the time, people don’t even realize what they are doing. This should make him aware of what he is doing and after a while he will stop this annoying habit.

As for the finger drumming, try this. Place a rubber band on his hand and everytime he starts a drumming, snap the rubber band. This will associate a negative behavior when he starts to drum and he will quickly stop. I have done this several times with others and believe me it works.
I hope this helps you and if nothing else, you still have the one man band thingy to fall back on…Hehehe…