Super Bowl Sunday Again


So today is Super Bowl Sunday and I have invited some of my male friends over to watch the game. I just happen to have a 60” screen TV so the clarity is just like being there. Here’s the rub…I don’t LIKE football. Now I know what some you are screaming at me, “Sooz, how can you NOT like football, it’s an American staple for God’s sake?”

To that I say, “It’s BORRRRRRRRRRRRRING!!!” Well, OK, except for the guys in their skin tight pants and bulges showing, (NOT their wallets). Oh, I also like it when they pat their teammates on the Butt when they score.  It seems like you get it all right, nice ass views AND a little harmless male porn, (Butt fondling).

As far as how the game is played…DON’T CARE!!! All it seems like to me is a lot of running in BOTH directions, and then they cut to the sexy as Hell cheerleaders…..Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S why I watch…J

My favorite parts of the whole game are the commercials. Sure, I have an interest there because of my job, BUT, the ingenuity in many of these is second to none and makes me wish OUR Co. had one there. The problem of course is that the average ad runs around 4 million dollars…

I also like to entertain so I always have it catered and make sure there is lots of booze available. Nothing better than sitting back with a bunch of friends, watching tight clothed men with bulges, ass fondling, great commercials and wonderful food.

I sincerely hope all of you have a great Super Bowl Sunday and remember…Don’t drink and drive…Call a cab or have a designated driver…Go Teams!!!! Who’s playing anyway????

Until Later…