Q-Tip Use For Dummy’s




I’m here today to discuss one of the most talked about subjects ever: Q-Tips. Recently, several alarming reports have been made about Q Tips being used for cleaning wax out of the ears. People…NEVER use Q Tips for this purpose. It can damage your ear drums to the extent that you may CONSTANTLY hear Justin Bieber songs singing in your head.

A much BETTER use for this product is for cleaning OTHER holes. Suggestions would be:

1.  The Nose—A little LUBE on the end of the cotton, stick in as far as possible without gagging, and pull out boogers. This would be a similar move compared with little Jack Horner EXCEPT…HE pulled out plums NOT boogers. Well, not that I KNOW of anyway.

        2. How about a good Va Jay Ja cleaning. I know…Ewwwww right?               Hey…Sometimes you just need a good thorough swabbing though, just in case there are any left-over particulars from the night before. Oh come ON… You know what I’m talking about here.

        3.  How about for a good DNA swabbing, you know, just in case you’ve  murdered someone? Hey, they have to find you SOMEHOW right? I know, I watch WAY too much CSI on TV.

Last but certainly not LEAST, how about mini sword fighting or baton twirling; OK I realize you would have to be only 10 inches tall but STILL, it’s a possibility.

How about you folks, any creative ideas for Q Tip use other than the plain and simple ones like make up application? I’ll be interested to see what you come up with. Good Luck…

Until Later…