The Difference Between Men and Women


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The Difference Between Men and Women


I just finished reading the book Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus. FINALLY… I understand why we are so different in our thinking. It’s obvious right? We’re from 2 different PLANETS!!! We’re not FROM Earth. Somehow, we were magically transported from our home planets of Mars and Venus and dumped HERE.

I mean if you think about it, the ONLY real Native things from Earth are probably the plants and animals. We’re just VISITORS. I KNOW what you’re thinking…”Sooz, I think you have lost your marbles.” To that I say, “Well, MAYBE, but if you THINK about it, look at all the differences”. Just look at some of the differences and tell me I’m wrong:


1.  Men are Muscular…They have 2 marbles in a sack with an attached trunk.

2. Men Pee and Poop

3. Men love to go camping in the wilderness, drink beer, eat beans from a can and sleep in a tent on the ground.

4. Men like to watch sports, drink beer, and swear like drunken sailors.

5. Men will screw ANYTHING that RESEMBLES a woman just for fun.


1. We are soft and curvy with mountains on the top and a FINE well groomed garden on the bottom.

2. We Tinkle and Sparkle

3. We like to sleep in 4 star hotels, drink fine wine, eat at Michelin stared restaurants and spend money.

4. We like to WATCH men watch sports, drink wine, and talk about how crude, rude, and disgusting they are.

5. OK…We like sex too but only on OUR terms. GO US!!!

There are MANY more things that I could go into here but You would get WAY to bored so I will leave it at these. If you would like to know MORE differences that help explain my theory, please let me know and I will send you a copy of my new book…How the HELL Does THAT Fit in HERE?

Until Later…