Ten Things NOT To Do In a Blizzard



1.        Have a Lemonade stand

2.        Run naked around the neighborhood

3.        Try and find your Polar Bear

4.        Tell your husband, “Sure you can drive Harry; it’s just a passing thing.”

5.        If you DO look for your Polar Bear, You’ve FOUND him when the snow turns RED!!!

6.        Dance around doing a rain dance, it’s 20 below out duffas, you’re creating more SNOW!!!

7.        Cry out during a white-out, “Hey, I’m over HERE!!!”

8.        Walk to the store for milk and eggs just to get outta the house.

9.        Driving your snowmobile thinking I CAN get to my lovers house for some action.

10.      Call your friends to invite them over for a Blizzard party. Hint: No one will COME!!! Deal with it…