If it Bleeds, it Leads—Sooz’s Rant

“If it Bleeds, it Leads” is a famous newspaper quote that had dominated the newspaper industry for years. In a nutshell, it means that if there is basically blood, guts, and or gore involved, then this will be the front page story.

While I agree that for YEARS, this has sold millions of papers, I really have to direct my attention INWARD to assess whether or not this is a GOOD thing.

Sure it sells papers, but in MY case, seeing those awful images, and reading the grotesque column attached, starts my day off with a less than HAPPY view concerning Humanity.

Look, everyone wants to make a buck, I GET it, but WHY do we need to be associated with that as SOON as we open the paper? How about putting these types of articles in the World section, or Local sections of the paper? Hey, the grotesque pictures and adjoining column will STILL be there, and you can STILL get all the depressing news you want JUST by visiting these sections.

Is it JUST me or does anyone else share my opinion here? I know sometimes I get a little weird about things, and I guess this is just one of those times. Here’s an Idea…How about putting HAPPY news stories on the front page, guess what, I’LL still buy it!!!

 I would like NOTHING more than to see a picture of a DOG saving a distraught individual from a fire, or how about showing a Good Samaritan helping out a homeless man? What’s WRONG with THESE kinds of stories on the front page of our major newspapers?

Whose with me on this ANYONE, looks around and doesn’t see many hands raised. Oh well, it was worth a try.

Until Later…



The Feeding

Darkness found the castle like worms to a crypt, I was alone. The gnawing of my stomach breathed life into my weary bones, I was hungry, and I needed blood.\

Slowly, the cover of my sarcophagus rose, and fresh air flooded my aching lungs. It was time to hunt. It had been days since my last kill, and the cravings drove me like the winds in a hurricane. Surveying the castle, only remnants from my past victims could be seen.

Hunger tugged at my being, it was time to eat. Transforming into bat form, I flew away into the night searching for fresh blood. My mind wandered as the search continued. Remembering my first time; how strong the cravings were, my teeth hungry for my victim, catching her neck and having my teeth sink deeply into her soft cavity, sucking her blood until she was no more. Satiated, the need fulfilled, I flew back to the castle and awaited daylight to slumber once again.

It had been two hundred years since my first kill, yet it seemed like yesterday. Feeding usually was required at least twice a month, the thing is, what had once seemed like a brutal way to feed, now became nothing more than a way of life, my need to survive.

Suddenly, in a garden below, I spotted my next meal. She was a beautiful young thing, dressed in her nightgown, swinging from a chair swing in her Gazebo.

It almost seemed a shame to violate this lovely creature, yet, Nature required it. Swooping down, I changed back into my charming self. Creeping ever so quietly, I caught her from behind as I sank my teeth deep within her veins.

Watching her become faint from exanguanation, I could no longer withstand her beauty. Brushing my hands across her breasts, I felt her lovingly as I drew the last drop from her limp body. It was done, my need had been quenchedUntil the next time…

Until Later…