Thanksgiving…The REAL Story

Since Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays, I thought it would be appropriate to re-post my favorite Thanksgiving write. OK…You GOT me, it;s my ONLY Thanksgiving write, BUT…I still Love it…Enjoy!!! Oh…Happy Turkey Day  to all out there that celebrate this day.

Thursday is Thanksgiving, a day for stuffing our faces, drinking till we puke , Oh yeah, and of course being thankful that we CAN eat and drink till we puke.

I thought that today I would take you back to the first Thanksgiving and give you the Paul Harvey version of the event. “What”, you say, “it wasn’t a blissful, and meaningful day of friendship and harmony?” Well, it was, but there were a few kinks in the story here and God forbid…The gathering didn’t even have any Football to watch.

Back in 1621 when it was supposed to have happened, you have to remember, in November in Plymouth Mass, it was “colder than a witches tit”. Plus, the Indians at the time didn’t have Armani clothing like the Pilgrims did. They, (The Indians, Or better known as The Red Man), just wore funny looking little swim trunks, moccasins, and some feathers on their heads. They were freezing’ their ASSES off.

It all started after the planting season had ended and THANK GOD, they produced just enough corn and berries to live through the winter. The pilgrims, always in the mood for a party said, “Let’s have a party with those scantily clothed Red men and have the first Thanksgiving.” Well, of course the red men were delighted to saver some of the bounty from the Pilgrims stash, so they put on their BEST swim trunks and feathers and headed on over to the feast.

Ahhhh, and what a feast it was too…Wild turkey, Pheasant, Goose, even some dead Eagles (ROAD KILL), were rustled up. Now the Indians also brought food to the party. They brought stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries and of course Pumpkin Pie. Ohhh…I almost forgot, they brought the MOST important thing to the party…BOOZE!!!

The Pilgrims, seeing the Indians dressed in their finest swim trunks, yet freezing their cohunes off, asked the Indians if they wanted to get a little warmer. Of course the Indians being a proud people said they would but ONLY if the Pilgrims took something from them in return. Well…That’s another blog ‘cause the pilgrims decided to take all their LAND. The Indians, (Now a little drunk), eagerly agreed and the party went on until the wee hours (What ever the HELL that is), of the morning. They ate like hogs, drank like fish, and stumbled to their beds.

Sooooo, there you have the TRUE story of Thanksgiving. Oh…BTW…If anyone really BELIEVES this, I have some property I am trying to unload…Call me.

Until Later…

Wicked Wednesday–Sex, Suds, and Sooz–

Nymphomania is something I have had to deal with all my life. The clinical term I’ve heard for it is hyper=sexual disorder. For years I thought I was merely cursed with a higher than average sex drive that made me want to screw ANYTHING that moved.

I also learned early on that I was sexually interested in both men AND women. Funny….Heterosexuality is actually HARD for me to understand as is same sex for strictly Lesbianism or Homosexuality in men. I just assumed that EVERYBODY was like ME until I found out that *I* was the odd ball out.

Drinking beer, and lots of it, helped me come to grips with what my sexuality was. Drunk, I didn’t CARE if I was ridiculed or called a slut. I KNEW what I was, The alcohol just helped to mask the pain.

I NEED sex, I CRAVE it… My body is ALWAYS in a constant state of Horniness. Pick a day that you felt like you could go to a bar, take the first man or woman you see and F**K them all night long. If you can imagine that, That’s how I am 24/7.

Now, am I a drunken slut, YES…I am…Just don’t judge me. I am also a nice person who is creative and loves people…NOT THAT WAY….I KNOW that’s what you were thinking. Being a Nympho also has it’s setbacks though too. For example, it’s hard to carry on a relationship with someone that knows you wanna f**k anything that has two legs. You see, the problem is, almost everyone I’ve met can NOT keep up with my sexual needs. SERIOUSLY… I can’t blame THEM ‘cause it’s ME that has the want or NEED I should say.

I NEED to have my genitals touched, Usually, I TRY and be good and just masturbate myself 6-8 times a day. IT’S TRUE. Sometimes when I can no longer stand it, I’ll put on a mini with a fine see through blouse and wear either a sexy black or red laced bra. I have the panties or thong to match of course.

Attracting men is a snap. Being attractive, I never have a problem with them buying me a drink or ten. When the time is right, I will go to the ladies room. Usually, by this time I am already wet and a little drunk, I make sure my panties are wet by feeling my twat while my panties are still on.

Then, I take off my panties, put them in my purse or clutch bag and HAND them discreetly to the man that’s buying me the drinks. Works EVERY time. Once he gets my wet panties, within an hour we are back to my place doing the horizontal mambo…To be continued next Wednesday…