We Can Cure Some of the Major Diseases, but NOT the Common Cold… WTF!!!


So this is day two of my fight for survival with this awful cold. I have taken EVERY medicine known to man, and STILL I feel like a tattered rag. I must admit though, I am NOT a good patient.

I whine, and complain, and am just, well a CRANK. While that is certainly NOT the way to handle things, it’s just the way I am made. I’m better off just being left alone, Bitching and whining to myself.

Tomorrow, I have to be in the office for a large presentation for a new client, Ms. CRANK or not. Ohhh, don’t worry, I will be very polite and cover my mouth so I don’t infect anyone else, I promise…

Wish me luck tomorrow; I have a Japanese client with LOTS of money to spend on a HUGE Ad Campaign. Luckily, I speak a little Japanese so that should put the client a little more at ease.

Alright, well, I’m going back to bed now, it’s gonna be a LONG day tomorrow…