Troubled Soul

Oh troubled soul, forgive me my trespasses.

Why must I be such a weakened being,

Ripped from God’s grace, and thrown into the den of iniquity.

Bereaved, Broken, and Depleted.


Rip from my body the womb which consumes me.

Let me play no more amongst Lust’s device.

This I ask, consume my averace, and let me live in thy glory.







Silence moans the sound of peace as my mind drifts along empty plains.

Endlessly drifting, quietly floating among the realms of silence.

Oh contented spirit, fill me with thy presence.

Lift me to thy majesty, and let me soar among the eagles.

Condemn these evil thoughts to the lowest depths of Hades.

Grind them into mill seed, and let the winds of change blow them forever gone.

Fill me with thy wisdom,

And may your divine peace be placed upon my mind.


Fare Well



Fare well to thee my loving heart, my sorrow knows no depth.

Fare well to thee my conscience, a wasted tool for suppressing despicable actions.

Fare well to thee my neglected soul, consumed in Hell’s fury, fueled by  ignorance,  and ignited by life’s demands.

Fare well to thee my hubris pride, for I have fallen upon the sword of forgotten values.

Fare well to thee my innocence, consumed by the drives of sexual depravity.

Fare well to thee my broken life, I have been but a pawn, now usurped by Hemlocks sleep.

“Fare Well”

Until Later…