The Woman- By Dr. Loose


A woman you see is made up of parts,
From the tips of her toes to her brain full of smarts.
From her breasts oh so round, or triangular, some square,
So beautiful it seems, they come in a pair.

Their called many names from hooters to boobs,
And when their undressed, they’re a favorite food.
So soft and so tender they’re Heaven to touch,
To kiss and to suckle I love them so much.

But that is not all, no not at all my dear friend,
You see my Vagina is next and for you I will send.
Some are hairy and smelly and smell like a fish.
Some are hairless with freckles we call those Irish.

They are ALL good for sex with a partner or not,
I like to have three, yes I like it a lot.
BUT, remember a woman is NOT just the sum of her parts,
But a lover, a friend, and a giver with our hearts.

Until later…