A Day In The Lives Of Mr. Happy And Miss Fuzzy Garden

Cast Of Characters:

The Penis-Played by Mr. Happy
The Va Jay Jay-Played by Miss Fuzzy Garden
The Fingers-Played by Mr. and Miss Nimble Sticks
The Tongue-Played by Mr. and Miss Pleasure Stick
The Mouth-Played by Mr. and Miss Mou Mou
Dildo-Played by D. Doe
Woman‘s Host Body-Played by Sooz
Man‘s Host Body-Played by Bill
The Author-Played by Noneofyourfuckingbusiness

Six AM, the alarm rings and Mr. Happy is already board stiff and ready to meet the day. Miss Fuzzy Garden, two doors down, is wondering if Sooz is gonna Get Miss D Doe and have a little fun.

Mr. Happy: “Come on Bill, get those nimble sticks down here and lets have a little fun before work. That’s it, Oh yeah…Hey, where’s the lotion today? You usually use the lotion, what gives here?” God you have great nimble sticks Bill, you know JUST what to do. OMG…I am going to explode, QUICK…Get a Tissue or two…HURRY!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! Now, wash me off please, I’m all sticky.”

Miss Fuzzy Garden: “WHAT??? No D. Doe this AM??? You better be damn good to me later Sooz, you know I NEED and WANT it ALL the time. You at LEAST better have picked out a sexy thong for me to wear today. Oh, By the way, please put some perfume on me, ya never know right?”

Mr. Happy: “ Damn bill, you’ve got some awfully cute lookin’ women here at the office and as you can feel, I need a fix again just lookin’ at ‘em. Why don’t you ask that really cute Redhead Sooz out for a drink tonight, Maybe you’ll get LUCKY and I’ll GET some.”

Miss Fuzzy Garden: Hey Sooz…I think that hunk Bill is lookin’ at ya. Flirt with him, maybe I’ll get some Action later.”
Later that same day, Bill DOES ask Sooz out for a drink after work…They meet at a local bar and after buying Sooz 5 Vodka and Crans…

Miss Fuzzy Garden: “Ohhh Sooz, I am feelin’ REALLY GOOD. I am HOT and WET and I am Tingling all over. You keep drinkin’ those things and I am gonna have some Major fun later.” Woo Hoo…”

Mr. Happy: Careful there Bill, don’t drink too much. You remember what happened LAST weekend. I WASN’T a Happy camper. I kept falling down on the job. Keep HER at it though, a couple more drinks and Mr. Happy Will be staying over in Miss Fuzzy Garden’s Residence.”

Two hours later, Bill asks Sooz if she would like to go back to his place for a nightcap. Drunk and horny, Sooz agrees.

Miss Fuzzy Garden: “I see that Mr. Nimble Sticks is feelin’ your boobs Sooz. It won’t be long now. God that makes me hot…Yeah, that’s it Nimble Sticks, now play with Sooz’s ring tossers. That’s it…Now unbutton her blouse. Mmmmm…Mr. Mou Mou is sucking them now and I want Mr. Happy Sooooo bad.”

Mr. Happy: “Hurry up Bill, take her clothes off for Gods sake, I’m dyin’ here. That’s it, now let Mr. Nimble sticks feel her garden. Goooooood…”

Miss Fuzzy Garden: “OMG…I WANT Mr. Happy Sooooo Bad. Wait, now Mr. Mou Mou is coming down. Thaaaat’s it, take Mr. Pleasure stick and lick my Clitty Clitty Bang Bang. Oh Mr. Happy…I’m REAEEEDY.”

Mr. Happy: “Ready or not, Here I Come Miss Fuzzy Garden.”

Intensity builds and well, You know how it ends. Mr. Happy…IS…And So is Miss Fuzzy Garden. They both agree to meet again and send signals to Bill and Sooz’s brain to confirm. The night has been a total success. Sure as HELL, 20 Minutes later Mr. Happy and Miss Fuzzy Garden are at it again. Man…These Two are like freakin’ Rabbits…

Until Later…


Oh boy…Where …

Oh boy…Where do I start on this one. Thinking…Thinking…Hmmmmm.
Oh wait (Jumps up and down), I got one…Boobs, yes, that’s right…Boobs.


Let’s cut straight to the chase and be honest here…Men think that because we have boobs, we can rule the world. Actually they’re RIGHT but we just never let on now do we? We just sit back coyly and demurely and pump out our God given Twosome Talents when we wanna get their attention. Thank God men are such shallow creatures. Guys…We love ya but Puhleeese, our EYES are up HERE!!!!


Ladies Night… Don’t deny it guys, I’m forever hearing you gripe that we get free drinks, or half price drinks on ladies night. Hey…It’s TRUE but think about it, you can get us really drunk for free and we MAY even let you STARE at our boobs WITHOUT breaking a bottle and stabbing you with sharp shards of glass. OK…That was a little extreme, how about just letting you ogle our boobs without severe eye rolling or tongue lashing?


Hey…How about the art of conversation? Come on guys, admit it, you KNOW we possess a much higher degree of communication skills necessary for getting to the root of problems. Now…What I’m saying is that I am SURE that some of you out there ARE more than just monosyllabic communicators, SOME can even string interesting sentences TOGETHER like when at a bar: “I like, (as he points to our breasts), followed by wanna go?” I mean HOW endearing?

We on the other hand like to get the in depth story about the man or woman that we are seeing. We wanna know about his earning potential, his commitment level, his family history, has he ever been convicted of any crimes, even what his favorite meal and TV programs are. OK…We MAY tend to go the other end of the spectrum here, but at least we can keep the conversation GOING for more than “Can I buy you a drink.”


Last but not lest, ALL guys think that we have the advantage when it comes to controlling the bedroom. For example, if we say any form of the word no, then oh well, too bad guys, maybe tomorrow night. On the other hand, if for some reason the guy turns YOU down, (Probably NEVER gonna happen…I’m just sayin’), BUT if this turn about DID happen, all you have to do is just wait ten minutes, stick out your twins and ask again. You KNOW what I’m talkin’ about here ladies. 🙂


Until Later…