13 Fun Things to do in an Elevator


Pretend you’re the elevator operator and call out the floors as you approach them.

Pass gas and then quietly point to someone else and hold your nose.

Sing along with the elevator music.


Start talking to everyone…WARNING…They may look at you funny and ask if you are on any medications.

Bring some books on the elevator and then ask someone to hold them while you READ one.

Pick your nose disgustingly…Afterwards…Ask if anyone has a Kleenex.

Say…”Is it HOT in here”, and start disrobing.

Ask each person which floor they are going to and WHY.

Yell FIRE and watch to see what happens. Hopefully…There is no one from Home Land Security on board.

Start Praying really loud.

Eat a sub sandwich in front of everyone and ask them if they would like a bite.

Shave your armpits.

Until Later…