And I’m Feelin’ Good…

Darkness possesses the night and my body yearns for relief.

Burning, slow to start, but quick to flame.

The choice has been made; I must commit my flesh to the wantonness within.

Lust has called me, now I must answer.


As I touch my readied breast, make me burn with passions desire.

I Pinch my supple nipples with kindness, for my danger zone is calling.

Heat ensues as the party continues.

I trust NOT my senses as they are controlled by my wanton urges.


Slowly I travel down, down to where my fire rages.

I slip within the burning walls, and once again, the intensity rises.

Around and around I travel, slightly touching the button of release.

I arch, I cry out into the darkness, and once more, sleep overcomes my spirit.









Touch Me…Feel Me

I am WET, I am HOT, My body is in a raging fire that can only be quenched by the touch of my hand. It has only been two hours since the last time, and yet, I feel the NEED, the CRAVING deep within my loins, crying out for satisfaction.

I am in a state of heightened sexual tension and I NEED to pacify this urge, this addiction that only my touch can accomplish. I lock the door of my office, have all my calls held, and then lie on my couch WAITING for my NEED to be satisfied.

My dress is already raised, and my blouse loosened for the next step, my salvation is forthcoming. My hand takes the lotion that is near me, and applies its creamy texture to my breasts, and my nipples as I squeeze them gently, making them hard.

My loins, already soaked and dripping like drops of rain down my panties, YURNS for my softened hand. Slowly, I part my panties and dive into my sea of pleasure. Slowly at first, making sure that all areas of my pleasure box have been covered.

I am quietly starting to moan in pleasure now as my two fingers slip in and out of my scented garden. I am writhing in pleasure as my fingers find their way around my pea shaped pleasure button. Slowly at first, and then faster and faster until I can NO LONGER contain my pleasure.
Gasping and moaning, I raise my back and explode into ecstasy. Silently, I lay there until my pulsation has been quieted. I am satisfied until the next time. Welcome to MY world…

Until Later…

Wicked Wednesday


First off, today is National Orgasm Day, for those of you who didn’t “Have the Pleasure” of knowing. Sorry, couldn’t help myself on that one. Seriously…It’s TRUE…Look it up. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. I said to myself…Self, what a great way to start my article.

So today, I’m going to talk a little about the “BIG O”… They’re WONDERFUL. Thank you and good night, I’ll be here all week. Seriously, orgasms should be had by all…

I still remember my first one that sent me over the moon. I was very young and it was with a girl I really liked a lot. We were on a picnic and I remember her leaning over, telling me she loved me, and then giving me the sexiest kiss EVER.

We kissed and kissed until she put her hand down my pants and on to my HOT and extremely WET pussy. She began feeling my breasts while she felt and kissed me. I lost ALL control.

She took my hand, placed it on her breast, and told me that it was MINE. I could no longer help myself, my passion kicked in, I felt, and then removed her bra and started kissing it with wild abandon. I could feel myself lose myself to her gentle touch.

My breathing became fast and heavy, my lust could no longer be still, it NEEDED to be satisfied. She could feel my passion mount as she slipped her two fingers inside me and massaged my wanting clit. I could stand it no more. Slowly I arched my back, once again kissed her luscious breasts, and just screamed out like a banshee in the night.

My body quivered with unbelievable pleasure as I fell limp in her arms. We made love twice that day I will never forget my first female experience. I have made love several times since that wonderful day but ,I must admit, it was my BEST orgasm EVER.

Until Later…