Trick-or-treating in danger from wild hogs



Being a humorist, I am always looking for funny or unusual News stories….When I saw this one, I just HAD to pass it along.

Oct 28, 2014

MELBOURNE, Fla. (UPI) — A Florida homeowner’s association says trick-or-treating is under threat from the wild hogs overrunning their neighborhood.

The homeowners association for the Sawgrass at Suntree neighborhood, located just north of Melbourne, said it is concerned the wild hogs could pose a threat to trick-or-treaters and a trapper is working this week to remove the swine in time for the holiday.

The trapper, James Dean, said he has captured eight hogs so far this week. He said the animals have been accused of digging up 17 lawns in the area.

“Some of the homeowners are telling me they’re walking out on the sidewalk, they’re pooping, they’re crossing the road,” Dean told WESH-TV.

He said a final push is being planned to clear the hogs out before Halloween.

“What we’ll do is come in Wednesday or Thursday with a pack of dogs that will actually catch the hogs and at least scare them further away from the residents around here,” Dean said.

Dean told Florida Today the hogs come from a nearby wildlife area and have caused problems in previous years.

“This year is the worst I’ve ever seen,” Dean said.

I guess that spoils my Halloween costume for this year, I WAS going to go Trick Or Treating dressed as a Hog. I guess NOW, I will have to go as Trapper JohnGeese!!!!!!


Deer Runs Buck Wild Through Furniture Store

I’m always up for a good news story so when this one broke, I just couldn’t resist. On October 26th. In Cedar Falls, Iowa, A Buck with a cornucopia of horns, busted through a furniture store window and began his shopping.

I guess he just couldn’t wait until the store opened. He wanted to get a “run” on all the sales before the REAL animals, the people, came running through, and started to grab all the sales before THEY could.

No one was hurt, according to UPI, the Buck just came in, did his shopping, and then exited through the back door, using his antlers to pry it open. I guess the proverbial “Bull in a China Shop” now has some competition.

The Buck was not hurt and appeared to have NOT purchased anything. I guess the sales were either NOT that good, or, the Buck just couldn’t find anything he really liked.

The store owner, Deb Emmert, said everyone was just yelling,”Get out of the way” and laughing as the Deer went his merry way, pushing furniture everywhere and then, just exiting through the back door.

It appears that EVERYONE had a good time, except for the deer who wound up with nothing but a bruised head and a bit of excitement.

Humorous News Stories


Life itself is a comedy. Check out some of these articles.

Goodyear Gets A Bit Too Edgy With Lohan Letter

Goodyear, one of the nations leading tire manufactures, has sent celebrities Lindsey Lohan and, Amanda Bynes letters indicating that they will pay the Celebs. for free driving Lessons.

“Nearly identical letters said that they were “sorry to her” about the “latest driving mishap” and they “understand” that “driving can be a real challenge, particularly trying to navigate all of the stop and go traffic in La. And New York City.”

The company THEN offered to fly the actresses out to their headquarters in Akron Ohio for private driving lessons with their Professional drivers.

Now, let me ask you something, these “Professional drivers” are probably ex-race car people who use SPEED to make a living while driving. Raise your hands now, How many people think the NEXT time these Celebs. HIT someone they will be going over a hundred miles an hour AFTER the training. GOOD Idea Goodyear!!! Gheese. For more on this article go to:

Playboy ranks University of Virginia as No. 1 party school

Playboy recently ranked Colleges for their Parting abilities. Turns out, our Nations Oldest Public University, The University of Virginia is the Nations #1 party school. When questioned about it’s finding, University spokeswoman Marian Anderfuren was quoted as saying, “We’re demanding a recount.” Now EVERY kid in the Country will wanna attend UOV. Hell, kinda makes ME wanna go BACK to school again. For more, visit:


POLICE: Florida Man Carjacks Vehicle to Take Pregnant Girlfriend To Hospital


Robert Boudreaux, 31, of Deltona allegedly walked into the path of a car to force it to stop, and threatened to shoot the driver if he didn’t give him and his 22-year-old girlfriend a ride. He later forced the driver out at a red light, the sheriff’s office said in a statement, and got behind the wheel. SERIOUSLY??? Now, the guy was charged with carjacking and will have a criminal record. Sometimes ya just have a BAD day!!! For more, read:

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