Is Bigfoot REALLY Dead

I don’t know, I just really liked that headline. It’s like something you would see in the National Enquirer isn’t it? Actually, if the truth be known, I could give two HOOTS about Bigfoot, What I REALLY came here to talk about was Dogs PLAY Toys.

Yup, that’s right, Dogs PLAY toys. Hey, it will be JUST as interesting as Bigfoot, I promise.  NowWhere was IOh yeah, Dog Toys.

Did you ever notice that every dog you encounter has a favorite dog chew toy? Usually, when I’m around, it winds up being my brand new shoes. I have done EXTENSIVE research in this field, (Watching my friend’s dogs), and I have determined that each dog likes a different chew toy.
Seriously!!! Arfie, (My Aunt Carol’s dog), LOVES sneakers. She and I have bought him balls, pull toy ropes, fancy toys that look and MOVE like mice, and EVEN toys that SMELL like foodHe LIKES sneakers. Yup, no sneaker in the house is safe around Arfie. I don’t know whether it is the owners Foot smell or what, but, where there is a sneaker, so is Arfie.

Then, there is my friend Violet’s dog. This thing is a Mexican Chihuahua that THINKS she’s a Great Dane. No foo foo toys for THIS one, Noooooooo Sir!!! Spirit, (Dog’s name), wants to play with the backyard TIRE SWING. I kid you not, she would rather eat glass, and vomit up SAND rather than play with a tennis ball or a pull toy. Go figure?????????

Last but not least, there is Buba, (I KNOW… Creative name, right), he is an English Bull Dog that ONLY likes to chew on my friend Sandie’s DESIGNER shoes. No DOG toys for HIM. If it’s a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, Manolo Blahnik’s, or Susan Bennis’s, you will FIND them in his mouth, chewing away happily, as well, a dog.

I guess there is just NO rhyme or reason what interests a dog to play withHeyMAYBE, he might like to munch on Bigfoot…

Until Later…