How to Tell if Your Dog is Involved in a Sex Scandal


It seems like in today’s day and age, there is just no getting around the latest SEX scandal. Ways to tell if you DOG is having a SEX scandal.

1.        The Hubris SMILE on his face.

2.        There is more of a spring in his step and his BARK is more confident

3.        You throw the ball and he basically looks at you and says, “ Go get it yourself asshole.”

4.        He SNEAKS around your back yard while YOU think he’s peeing.

5.        Instead of the ball, the ONLY thing he chases now are OTHER female dogs.

6.        His nap times seem be be longer AND he has a hint of cigarette smell.

7.        When he sleeps, he utters the sound Mmmmmmmmm instead of snoring…

8.        He walks around with a CONTINUOUS hard on…

9.        Your neighbor’s dog has been UNUSUALLY quiet lately.

1 0.     Your neighbor’s puppies look A LOT like your dog…