Humorous survey



I have to admit, I liked these questions so much I just had to steal the Survey from another blogger. The ANSWERS however are totally MINE…Enjoy!!!

1. I’m not easily bothered by things.  

* THINGS usually don’t bother me; it’s the PEOPLE I can’t stand. 



2. I make friends easily.


* Hey…When you’re as horny as me you tend to make “friends VERY fast.




3. I do just enough work to get by.


* I’m a mover and a shaker, I move furniture on the weekends and I SHAKE my ass whenever I can….Ohhh Come on…It’s a JOKE…LAUGH!!! 



4. I respect others.


* Just as long as I get paid…




5. I’m not very interested in abstract ideas.


* Abstract ideas are fine, abstract PEOPLE…Not so much. 


6. I dislike myself.


* Only when I’ve been drinking…Gheese!!!


7. I make plans and stick to them.


* Usually I remove the double sided tape so I DON’T stick to them…


8. I tend to vote for liberal political candidates.


I tend to vote for MYSELF!!! I am just Soooooooooo the BEST person to run…


9. I would describe my life’s experience as somewhat dull.

* Life’s experiences…VERY dull…Oh wait, you mean MY life experiences…Well I would have to say as best I remember…HELL NO!!!



10. I regularly insult others.


* Only when I open my MOUTH!!!


11. I have a vivid imagination.


* Mine is SO vivid, I see flying pigs sometimes and pink elephants. How’s THAT for imagination???


13. I am the life of the party.


* Yup!!! I’m always the one with the lampshade on my head or passed out naked somewhere…


14. I feel blue or depressed.


* Rarely Blue…Red, pink and fuchsia usually


15. I have a sharp tongue.


* Nah!!! I think it’s softer and more round…Definitely no Ginsu knife…


16. I don’t care much for art.


* Only if it’s of male or female nudes…You can KEEP that fruit in a bowl drivel…


17. I don’t talk a lot.


* Define a lot. Like someone who filibusters on the floor of Congress or like Marcel Marisol?


19. I accept people as they are.


* Absolutely!!! Just as long as they think the same way as ME!!!


20. I enjoy hearing new ideas.


* I enjoy HEARING new ideas, AND THEN…I use my OWN!!!


21. I avoid philosophical discussions.

* Like the PLAGUE!!! I mean their Philosophical…There IS no RIGHT answer…What’s the point???



27. I panic easily.


* Nope!!! I make OTHERS panic…


28. I get back at others.


* Let’s just say…Don’t CROSS me…


32. I believe others generally have good intentions.


* Yup…Unless they try and take me to bed…Oh come on…You SAW that one coming didn’t you???


34. I often have frequent mood swings


* Only during my period and Mondays through Sundays.




35. I like to keep in the background.


* Yup…Especially if I am doing something illegal… Just kidding…I have NEVER done anything illegal…Looks the other way…