When Life provides stresses,

You are there to soothe my mind.

When I fall,

You lift me up, and strengthen my resolve.


When I am in despair,

You caress my mind, and ease my soul.

When I am happy,

You share in my joy.


When I am sad,

You hold me in your arms, and comfort me.

When I fall from grace,

You listen, and judge me not.


You are many things to me,

But MOST importantly, you are my friend.

Thank You!!!




Take Your Imaginary Friend to Work Day


There are so many silly and ridiculous holidays out there I decided to create one of my OWN. I’ve decided that March 4th. will be designated as TAKE YOUR IMAGINARY FRIEND TO WORK DAY. What??? Oh come on, you never had an imaginary friend?

As a kid, (No psychoanalysis here please to any shrinks out there), I had several imaginary friends. They were all different sexes and I EVEN had an invisible animal. We would play, have tea, go on extended journeys together, and even devise ingenious plans on how to sneak back into the living room undetected to watch TV after I went to bed. The only problem with THIS was, my parents always HEARD me and my imaginary friend GIGGLING and sent US back to bed.

Just think about how COOL this would be. You could show your friend all around your place of business, introduce him/her to all the OTHER imaginary friends that came, hang out, and in general just have a great day. Shoot, you could EVEN take your imaginary friend out for lunch. In MY case, I would order TWO Martinis and just explain that the OTHER one was for MY friend.

NO…I am NOT on any prescribed medication…WHY do you ask??? NO…I have NOT been drinking either. Okay…That was a LIE but I resent the fact you think I have to be DRUNK to write something like this. I am ALMOST sober…**Fingers crossed behind back**

Anyway, just think about all the great conversations you could start at your workplace. People would probably whisper about you at the water cooler, (Except for those who actually brought imaginary friends along with them also), HELL, people might EVEN think you are Schizophrenic. What great fun you could have with THIS at meetings. Hehehehe.

I sincerely all hope you embrace the idea and get your friend/friends together tonight so you can be ready for tomorrow. Enjoy your special day tomorrow and have a GREAT time.

Until Later…