Why is Valentine’s Day All About Women and NOT About Both Parties?


I have heard many men ask this question, and here’s the answer…Because it IS…THAT’S why, there!! Let’s face it, they’re some pretty romantic guys out there, but the true ROMANCE part of them is seen few and far between.

Valentine’s Day is that special time of year that CELEBRATES that romance for us women. We look forward to it, we crave the attention, and of course the flowers, going out to dinner, and candy don’t hurt any either.

Many times, it is a special day where we get asked for our beloveds to marry us. It’s just one of those special days for us where we feel loved and have the attention all to ourselves. Yes, I know there are many who feel that it is just a rip off by the venders, and while that may be true, we STILL appreciate your undivided attention.

I’ve been asked, what would I like as a token of romance on Valentine’s Day? For ME, it’s all about the thoughtfulness. Write me a verse, make dinner for me, bake me something special that will tickle my taste buds, these are what floats MY boat in the romance department. Oh yeah, one more thing, if you DO decide to cook me dinner, please clean UP the mess also. Let me languish in the luxury of romance.

Believe me guys, if you do these little things, no matter WHAT your opinion of the Holiday is, you will be thanked tenfold in the boudoir. Romance Rules…




Valentine’s Day Thoughts


Here we are once again with Valentine’s Day knocking on our doorsteps. I’m sure there are many of you who believe Valentine’s Day is just a huge money maker for the candy stores, flower shops, and of course Victoria Secret.

In truth, it is, but in THIS Redhead’s opinion, it is certainly worth it. I will admit though, being a writer, I have always been fond of the written word, done in longhand by my paramour at the time.

Certainly there is NOTHING wrong with flowers, or candy, or even going out to dinner, I just believe that for ME, it means more on a romantic level when the gift comes from the heart, and NOT the store.

Once I had a woman write me the most romantic poem ever, I read it, and it just melted me like ice. Another time I had a guy sprinkle rose petals all over my house and bed, he had soft, slow music playing on my stereo when I got home, and he had made a wonderful Chicken Parmesan dinner including dessert.

I must say, I was so overcome, well, let’s just say that while he made ME dessert, the favor was returned 10 fold. This year, unfortunately, I will be by myself. No one to make a fuss over me, and or whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

I did buy a little something for my neighbor though,  something sexy from Victoria Secret, I enclosed a card and asked if he would like to be my Valentine. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see on that one.

For all of you who have significant others, I wish you the happiest of days, and hopefully even HAPPIER nights. Happy Valentine’s Day Folks…

Until Later..


Fellow Friends And Bloggers

I come here today NOT to delve deeper into the depths of despair, but to REVEL in the joy of friendship’s love. I am but a regular person here my friends, cut from the same cloth of Humanity as us all.
I take joy in the pleasures of life, but also feel hurt, and despair when one among us who is loved has fallen. Today, I have interred that fallen soul, and I pray that her strength be spread among the Heavens.
Before you, I come to extend my gratitude, and say thank you to each who has reached out, and has extended me the hand of love’s healing. You have replaced my heart of pain with the healing power of that love. For THAT, I shall be forever grateful.
You ALL have been my rock while going through this grief. I have but a FEW I call friends in real life, but MANY I call true friends here. One never really knows WHO, a true friend IS, until tragedy befalls them, NOW, I know, THANK YOU!!!
From the depths of my soul, I wish you ALL Universal Peace all the days of your lives. May you revel in the joys of your loved ones, but most of all, as you have granted ME, I give you my Love.
 Thank you ALL for being such a huge support during my time of need. I Love you all…
Erin (Sooz)

The Blanket of Love

Hold me close.
Let me feel your loving arms close around my shoulders.
Whisper sweet nothings, and let me feel your breath.
Pull me in, touch my lips, move me.

Wrapped within a dream, I must not awake.
My head is spinning, my body, in kind, responds with sensual delight.
Love me on Forever’s path, as I am comforted within your arms…
Stay with me in Heavens glory, and forever, let me bask in thy embrace.

Office Romances–Good , Bad, And Ugly


Let’s be honest here, office romances are common. I know the old adage is to NOT have an office affair because it could affect your work, and that is true. Many people get caught up in a trist at work and then later, break it off, thus affecting their job performance.

The HR department at most jobs either prohibits, or discourages employees hooking up with each otherSeriously??? It’s GONNA happen people, it is just part of Human Nature.

Think about it, you’re at work 40 hours or more a week with these people, and as such, you are going to get to know them pretty well. Betty likes cats and is an outdoor junkie, Bill is in a bad marriage and complains about it all the time, Bob likes suchi and is a womanizerThis goes on all the time folks.

I would take a guess here and say that overall, people know their work co-horts better than they do their own wives, husbands or significiant others. It’s no WONDER that office  romance can bloom. Add to that alcohol at an office party, or overnight “business” trips, and the seed for romance is planted.

Can this be badYES!!!! Especially if it is a casual hook-up for one, and a NON-casual one for the other. Feelings get involved, tempers flare, and the work routine suffers.
So, what can we do to avoid these pitfalls at work? First of all, NEVER mix office talk with PILLOW talk. This is one of the WORST possible things you can do. Pretty soon, he/she knows everything there is to know about YOUR job, and whether or not you ENJOY it, HATE it, or otherwise. This is fuel for a disaster folksDON’T do it.

Don’t show signs of affection at work. People will talk and it could get back to HR or your supervisor. I KNOWI’ve had to fire a few employees for this because of worsening job performance.

Try and realize what you are doing. Have a break-up plan in place so that in event you DO split, it dosen’t affect your job performance. Best advise I can giveEither DON’T start one in the first place OR Become a couple and get married. This plan gets EVERYONE off your back.

Romance in the work place IS gonna happen folks, just be smart about it and have the BEST of both worlds….

Until Later…

How to Tell if a Guy is Really Into You

How many times has this happened to you, you meet a guy who seems charming and funny, and you wanna have his babies? The only thing is, you don’t know if he is really that into you, how can you tell?

Here are some signs to look for to help you see if he really IS into you, or just taking you for a ride:

* He laughs at all your jokesEven if they suck. This is a sure sign as he is actually trying to listen to you and impress on you that he cares.

* He has trouble speaking around youThis is very common for a guy who tries to over impress you and then falls short by stumbling over his wordsIt is sooooooooooo cute too…

* He asks you if you would like to “hang out” sometimeGuys HATE the word dateIt’s like giving you a life long commitment in their minds. Hanging out means they wanna be with you and that they wanna spend some quality time with you.

* He smiles at you all the timeEither he is practicing for his next staring DENTAL role, or he really likes you.

* He looks you in the eye when you are talking as opposed to your BOOBS. (Boob staring is OK, but come on guys… We have a brain too).

* Dressing to impress youYesI know that  while the style “dress-up” now consists of ripped jeans and a Fuck You tee shirt, if he wears clean, dockers and a nice shirtSet the wedding date…

* He hangs on your every wordWhile this is EXTREEMLY difficult for guys to do (considering their short attention spans), if he doesyou’ve got a keeper.

These of course are just a few ways to know, but believe meThey are tried and trueI hope that you are lucky enough to get a guy who has a few of these qualities becauseIf you do…I hear wedding bells in your futureORat least the pitter patter of little feetTalk to you all later…

Until later…





Whisper to me on the winds.
Dance with me naked in a raging thunderstorm.
Feel my loins and make me weak with pleasure.
Part my thighs and let Lust’s desire overcome my senses.

Take me in your arms and explore me,
Make my body become your map.
Let me feel your manhood deep within me,
And make me one with your wanton body.

Be not afraid as I am one within you,
Caress me, Hold me, fill my spirit with your Love.



Sexy Tuesday–Once

           Sexy Tuesday–Once


Once, I had a dream. A dream so very real.
I heard the softness of your voice, and the whisper in your smile.
I felt the gentleness of your loving touch consume my very soul.
Your arms, grasping me in a loving embrace, send me into a fever’s pitch.

Silence like a rain-soaked night quiets my lusting spirit.
I search for the light in a dream filled stupor, aching so badly not to come to conscientiousness.
Let me LIVE the dream, I pray,
and forever be ensnared within your love.

The Love Letter Every Gal Yearns to Receive


Since I’m the one writing this, THIS letter will be to ME from my handsome and romantic Prince.

My Darling Sooz:

While we just parted not but an hour ago, I am no longer able to contain myself. Your beauty possesses my every thought, and the necessity to express my love has overcome my Human senses. I am but a humble servant in your love dearest, you command my heart, and have been forever embedded within my soul.

Your smile radiates like the sun itself, sending me into a hypnotic state so deep, not even the depths of the Oceans could compare. You have forever changed my life.

I cherish all there is about you, the smile that could silence a million fold;  those lips, red as Rubies, and luscious as the day is long, your eyes, Green as  Summer grass after being kissed by the morning dew, and fiery red locks that sets off a beauty possessed only by a goddess.

Saying I long to caress your velvet skin and kiss those silky lips doesn’t does NOT my rhetoric justice. I NEED to engulf you, I LUST for thy sweet countenance. Deny me not my love, for your love is like my bread of Life. I must possess it daily to satisfy my heart’s desire, and my body’s hunger.

Be gentle with me my love, I am but a man, a man who has lost his will to live without your attentiveness. Know that I love you beyond the stars, and that I patiently await for the time our souls may touch.

Your humble and loving servant,

Prince Charming








The Evening Mist


Once upon a summer’s eve a vision came to be,

A beauty in the evening mist did cast her spell on me.

Head held high and statuesque, her eyes as black as coal,

As though an angel cast from Heaven, she peered into my soul.


Her beauty was divinely pure, her grace in Ballerina’s style,

Lips that glowed upon her face, as she began to smile.

She glanced my way with batted eyes, and flipped her hair around,

The room was still as deafened night, the crowd made not a sound.


Slowly she sauntered across the room, giving me her grin.

As she walked, I knew forthwith, that I was reeled in.

She took my had so effortless, and placed it on her breast,

My body tingled from the rush; your imagination can fuel the rest.


I never saw her from that night, remembering our tryst,

The girl who shared my dreams that night, together in the Evening mist.