Worst Date Ever


I was reading a blog about having The WORST DATE EVER, and I decided I would steal   forever borrow the same idea. Check out ladyornot.com for Becca’s worst date.

I was in college at the time and didn’t usually date. Not because I wasn’t GREAT looking ‘cause I was, I was just a workaholic (kind of like I am now), and more focused on school. I made an exception though when the SMOC (Stud Muffin on Campus), decided to ask me out. He had been trying for a few weeks to date me, but I always kept putting him off saying I had a test or an early class the next morning.

I have to admit, he WAS a looker and every woman at school DROOLED every time he walked by them. I, of course, was no different so when he asked me out this one afternoon I said yes. He said he’d pick me up at 8:00 and that we would have a great evening. Little did I know that this was gonna be the date from Hell.

First off, he arrived 20 minutes late.  Now, anyone who knows me, KNOWS that I am a stickler about time and as such; I was already fuming and about ready to shred his jewels. I had taken a long time getting all gussied up in my lower cut but TASTEFUL dress, hey; I wanted him to notice me.

He, on the other hand, was dressed in torn Jeans, a Western shirt, and was wearing a ten gallon Cowboy hat. I KNEW I was in trouble. I asked where we were goin’ and he said it was a surprise. We got to his car, and USUALLY the guy will be a gentleman and open the door for me…BZZZZZZZZZZZ……Okay I thought, 20 min. late and NOW, no manners. GREAT!!!

We arrived at a local Country and Western Dive called Smokin’ Joes and were led to a table. He ordered us some drinks and just sat there as quiet as a mouse. I tried to stimulate some conversation but it seemed all HE wanted to do was drink and check out the other women.

I was VERY uncomfortable, everyone here was dressed in Country attire and here I am sticking out like a sore thumb in my nice low cut dress. I was starving but all he ordered for the table were some chicken wings and more drinks. Now I have a rule that I always stick to…No FOODAY Now…No BOOTAY later. About an hour in, he was drunk and I was starving. No way was I letting this piece of work touch me OR drive me home.


I turned to him, (Over the loud noise from the Mechanical Bull Whoopin’ and Hollerin’), and I told him I wasn’t feelin’ well. He was flabbergasted and said that he would take me home. I refused, called a cab, and got the HELL outta there just as fast as I could.

Several times after that, (let’s just call him ASSHOLE), tried asking me out, and finally I just told him that it would be a COLD day in HELL before I would ever say yes.

I guess each of us has to experience the agony and defeats of the Troll before we meet our Prince. As for ME, I’m still lookin’.

Until Later…