Can Nymphomaniacs Have Multiple Orgasms



Hi…My name is Sooz and I am a NymphomaniacYup, that’s right, I am a bona fide sex craving, never ending thinking of, and NEEDING sex as often as I can get it.

OK…I KNOW what you’re thinking, “SERIOUSLY?” It’s true, I CRAVE sex all the time. As soon as I wake up I NEED to have sex. Throughout the day I have to sneak away and cut out some time for masturbation, OTHERWISE, I would go out of my mind.

Now, just so you don’t get the wrong idea, I am NOT a hoe, I prefer the term sexually active woman who will screw anything with pants or a skirt. I also have no LIMITS to what I will do during sex. I LOVE all types. Like many folks, I can also be a little kinky, but that knowledge is only known to my closest friends.

I have been asked several times if I can have multiple orgasms, the answer is YES!!! ThereThe more the merrier. Usually during sex I can have up to 6-8 orgasms. Now, you would THINK this is great, rightBzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! If the truth be told, I would MUCH rather just be a normal Human being with average sexual feelings. OK guysI hear you out there saying “WHAT?”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, sorry, but it really IS a burden needing sex all the time. So many men and womenSo LITTLE timeHehehehe…

I only write this because people keep asking me about this all the time. One day, through enough therapy, I hope I can be “fixed”At any rate, I thank you all for letting me open up and just spill my guts. I DO feel better now….Kisses to all…

Until Later…

Wicked Wednesday


First off, today is National Orgasm Day, for those of you who didn’t “Have the Pleasure” of knowing. Sorry, couldn’t help myself on that one. Seriously…It’s TRUE…Look it up. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. I said to myself…Self, what a great way to start my article.

So today, I’m going to talk a little about the “BIG O”… They’re WONDERFUL. Thank you and good night, I’ll be here all week. Seriously, orgasms should be had by all…

I still remember my first one that sent me over the moon. I was very young and it was with a girl I really liked a lot. We were on a picnic and I remember her leaning over, telling me she loved me, and then giving me the sexiest kiss EVER.

We kissed and kissed until she put her hand down my pants and on to my HOT and extremely WET pussy. She began feeling my breasts while she felt and kissed me. I lost ALL control.

She took my hand, placed it on her breast, and told me that it was MINE. I could no longer help myself, my passion kicked in, I felt, and then removed her bra and started kissing it with wild abandon. I could feel myself lose myself to her gentle touch.

My breathing became fast and heavy, my lust could no longer be still, it NEEDED to be satisfied. She could feel my passion mount as she slipped her two fingers inside me and massaged my wanting clit. I could stand it no more. Slowly I arched my back, once again kissed her luscious breasts, and just screamed out like a banshee in the night.

My body quivered with unbelievable pleasure as I fell limp in her arms. We made love twice that day I will never forget my first female experience. I have made love several times since that wonderful day but ,I must admit, it was my BEST orgasm EVER.

Until Later…




The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions I Get Asked About Sex


1.   How do you maneuver Cumming together?

         This is something that USUALLY takes a lot of practice. What you see on TV or read about in magazines or books is a fantasy. MOST couples    DON’T Cum together. The best way to achieve this is for BOTH couples to tease each other to the point of Cumming and then back off. Repeat this a few times and BOTH parties will be sexually turned on enough to cum at the same time.

    2.   I have NEVER had an Orgasm, how can I achieve one?


         I hear this all the time from women. The trick here is to learn how YOUR body works and what pleases you through masturbation. First, take a mirror and check out your vagina. While watching, feel your outer lips, then; pull it back to experience the rest of your inner lips… Gently touch yourself and see what feels good to you. Experiment with lubricant, dildos and vibrators. Practice this until you are able to experience an orgasm. Once YOU are able to achieve orgasm over and over, it will be a LOT easier to achieve with a partner.

    3.   How can I tell if I am Bisexual?

First off, let me say this, I don’t LIKE labels. Each of us are different. I, for example, knew I liked BOTH men and women when I was very young. If you are attracted to both, chances are that you are Bi-sexual. There is NOTHING wrong with that. We are attracted to who we are attracted to…Period.

    4.   I can’t seem to get enough sex, is there something WRONG with me?

NO…There is nothing wrong with you. We each have different levels of sex drives. There IS no “normal” sex drive. The only thing I would advise is to hook up with someone who has the same level of sex drive that you do. OR…Remain single and have at it.

    5.  Why is it that when guys have a lot of sex there is nothing wrong with it, when women do however, we are considered easy or sluts?

Thankfully, I believe that the double standard here is changing. People need to realize that what’s OK for one is certainly OK for the other. This caveman thinking is what has set us back for so long. Don’t sweat the small stuff…

    6.   Can men be multi-orgasmic?

While it is NOT common based on recovery time for the penis, studies have shown that a small percentage of men CAN experience multiple orgasms. Personally, I have never had this experience from ANY of my male lovers.

    7.   Can most women learn to squirt, (Have female ejaculations)?

Yes… This occurs usually through a G spot orgasm. This is one of the most amazing orgasms. Make sure your partner is trained in this technique and you will never want to let him/her go. If you want more information, please PM me for details on learning this technique. You MUST be 18 years or older for me to respond.

    8.   How can I achieve multiple orgasms?

You must be in a high state of excitement in order to achieve this experience. Once your partner gives you an orgasm, the easiest way is through oral stimulation. Many women have never experienced this wonderful feeling. The best way is to have your first orgasm through G spot stimulation. Many times the heightened orgasm will trigger others through clitoral stimulation.

    9.  Is anal intercourse unhealthy or unnatural?

No…As long as you have emptied your anal cavity earlier and are well groomed, there are no health issues…Nothing is unnatural. Just make sure that a LOT of lubricant is used and enter slowly and go deeper gradually. By doing this it will make things a lot less painful and you will BOTH enjoy the experience. Note: NEVER make your girlfriend try this if she is at ALL uncomfortable with the idea as it is NOT for everyone.

      10. Will alcohol or drugs enhance the orgasmic experience?

A glass or two of wine before sex will help relax you and will definitely add to the experience. Other drug use I can’t answer as I have never personally tried it. However, I definitely would NOT do any drugs that are not OK’d by the Government.



Shhhhhh…I Faked the Big “O”


Here’s a question, do you feel guilty if you fake an Orgasm? Guys, you can answer this too, don’t be shy. I will openly say in front of God and everyone that I have FAKED the big “O”, and NOT just once. Any other hand raisers who have done this?

I mean really, I Love Sex, I do, but I am also not a machine either. I need to be in the proper frame of mind to be able to be “with” it, ya know…DRUNK… Sometimes rather than refuse sex, I say sure and then hope for the best, BUT, if it’s not happening,  then…It’s NOT happening. Rather than disappoint my partner in crime, I will just FAKE it. I feel REALLY guilty when I do this, I feel like I’m a kid who got caught stealing candy from the grocery store. The only reason I do it is this way my partner feels good and hopefully we can do it another time when I’m in the mood.

Tell me if you disagree, but, I believe since the beginning of time, women (and MAYBE), men have been faking orgasms. Even in the Garden of Eden, I believe that after a while, Eve was just plain tired from gathering nuts and berries all day. After that, she had to go home to the cave, cook Adam a sumptuous meal of nuts and berries, and then, she had to clean it all up after…Who WOULD be ready for sex after that?

All of a sudden, Adam gives her that strip off that leaf baby and lets make children look. Now Eve is thinking, Oh Man, NOT again. But, to please her man, and CREATE the Human race, she gives in.

 So…Adam is pumping away at it going “Grr, Azho, Blab“,(which means…WHO’S YOUR DADDY BABY), and Eve is thinking ARE WE DONE YET? Eve figures OK, if I fake it maybe he will just quit and I can go back to my TV program(oops…wrong century). Sooooo, in the interest of ending it, she lets out a major scream and says, “Babba Loo, Babba Loo, Which means (Great Job Baby, You’re the best). DUH!!!!!! He’s the ONLY man around sister, think about it.

After they are finished, Adam turns to Eve and says “*&^%$*&^” which means…Do ya wanna raise a little Cain later? Eve replies, “ ))((__())((( “ which means….If I am Abel….(Get it??? Cain and Abel). Ho boy…

Anyway, This goes on and on for centuries until we arrive at present day, Women faking it, Men loving it. So is life. I mean, what’s the harm in a little deception if no one gets hurt, right? So WHY do I feel so F***ing guilty then….Grrrrrr. Help me out here somebody PLEASE!!!!!! Ease my mind, tell me some lies…ANYTHING that makes me feel better about it…Am I the only one who does this or are there others? Let me hear from you, and tell YOUR stories.

That’s all I got for now, I’m going into the bedroom now and practice…YOU KNOW.