Forbidden Romance

Lay by my side, my gentle knight.
Cuddle next to me and caress my flesh.
Feel my heat, Taste my juice.
Tell me you Love me, and gently feel the outer flesh of my lips.

Be not shy, for I am but a pedal, waiting to be picked.
Wouldst not my love be tempting?
Set me a fire, ignite my passions wild.
Be thou my Master, and I shall be the slave.

Feel my heat, Taste my Juice.

Sexy Tuesday


Deep within, your  love resides,

Forever stirring like a restless child.

Awake sweet beauty,

Let me touch the face of thy goddess like skin.

Touch my lips with thy soft ample bosom,

Moan for me as lust ignites thy body’s flame.

Feel the warmth of my inflamed skin next to yours,

My lips, slowly, slowly moving closer and closer to thy burning inferno.

Passion engulfs us,

Love is sweet, yet thy LUST has been satisfied.

Complete me now, rest within my arms, and forever be my love.