Do I Really NEED a Passport


For those of you who may be traveling out of the country soon, let me say just one word…PASSPORT!!! If you have never applied for a passport, believe me…NOW is the time. Even if you just THINK you may be traveling soon. You may have noticed in the time since you’ve been around, that our Government is just a BIT nosy!!!

Well, guess what, it just became a LOT nosier. Am I saying that they will be doing a Big Brother approach on us…Of course not (Looks around to see if anybody is listening), all I’m saying is that if you wanna fly out of the jurisdiction of the U.S.A., getting your passport NOW would be a good Idea. Actually, the U.S. doesn’t really care if you fly OUT of the country, it just seems to have a problem letting you back IN.

How do I know this…Well… I am currently writing you from a Tijuana jail cell…. (Just kidding). Seriously though, as of January 1, 2013, The new passport applications will only be able to be completed with someone owning a 200 I.Q. OR a rocket scientist with a photographic memory.

The new form is indeed a nightmare right out of one of the Twilight Zone shows. Here are some of the things that you will need to know:

* Street address, City, State, Zip Code, and time of residence for every place you have lived since BIRTH…WTF??? Hell…They even wanna know where you MIGHT be thinking of moving  within the next 15 years.

* Company name, Address, Dates of Employment, supervisor and phone number for every place you have worked. Employees names you’ve ever know and or have dated. OK…I may have lied about that but even so, COME ON…

* Name, Address and Dates of Attendance for every school you have ever attended, *  And….much more obscure stuff that can only be found with the help from the Wizard Harry Potter.

Could YOU fill out such a form, I don’t think I could and I HAVE a 200 I.Q and a Photographic Memory with a rocket science minor. This is just ridiculous Sooo, all I can say is HURRY down to the post office get that form filled in NOW and then, Happy Traveling.

Until Later…