What IS Kinky Sex

I haven’t really written about sex lately, so I decided it was time. In some of my Just Ask Sooz letters, people, (Usually women), ask about kinky sex. Many say that their boyfriends are into “unusual” sex like Bondage, Domination/Submissive role playing, certain fetishes like foot, or water sports sex and a multitude of “other types of sex positions.

They ask me whether or not these types of sex are Kinky? My best answer…They are ONLY considered kinky if you do NOT want to participate in them.

Many people LIKE bondage, and Dominatrix or Submissive sex while others do not. Does that make them kinky, I say again, it depends on your perspective. As an example, lets take ME. Personally, I like them all from straight sex, to bondage and water sports, to taking it where the sun doesn’t shine.

I have always been very open to new styles of sex play, and as a result, I have become a more well-rounded partner. Does that make me KINKY or EXPERIENCED?

Don’t get me wrong here, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with “normal” sex, the “other” styles just enhance MY sexual experience and gives my partners the satisfaction they so dearly need.

Is it right for everyone…No. Could more people be interested in the “other” forms of sex, maybe, but you would have to lose all inhibitions first. Most folks are afraid to experience these other forms, too bad though, as the better versed you are, the better the sex.

My thoughts, expand your KINKY side, try it, you might just LIKE it…

Until Later…

Masturbation Monday Poem


Pictures of you dancing in my head, make my soul quiver with intensity.

I FEEL you as your full lips meet mine, our heads together, and your hands upon my bosom.

I feel myself flush, and the wetness from within is like a gentle rain watering a garden.

I can stand it no longer; the night is long and loves LUST demands satisfaction.

Slowly I feel the forbidden fruit as I slide from the mountains, to the plains, and arriving at my final destination, the valley of pleasure.

My breath quickens as the lust within me rages.

Faster and faster my fingers toil, the moaning responds like a coyote howling in the moonlit sky.

I feel the Earth shudder as the arching of my back and Lust’s love sends me into Heavens pleasure.

Once again, my mind returns me to your image. I feel you gently embrace my love, and hold me within your loving arms.

I am satiated once again.