A Drunkard’s Prayer


Slumber approaches as I drift into a world of oblivion.

My mind once sharp and discerning,

Now is dispassionate from the sweet liquid of courage.


Heavy are my limbs, and flushed is my body.

My senses are laggard, and my mood is sensual.

Lust is beckoning me to renew its companionship,

Yet, the heavy wave of slumber tugs at my core.


My lips once wet with luscious desire,

Now fail to grasp Natures saliva.

My words once a thing of confidence and beauty, now appropriated,

For they have been transformed into meaningless syllables.


As has been proclaimed, the mind is strong, but the body is weak.

I pray thee; let me NOT suffer thy treacherous consequences,

Enhance my spirit to a better resolve,

And return me to my glory.






Sometimes I feel like a motherless child,

Held in contempt, and discarded as a bit of flotsam in the Sea of despair.

Yea, do not cry for me my wanton heart,

For falling rain will not heal my tortured soul.


Fix me. Mend my infirmities and comfort my mind.

Let me not fall prey to the beast of emptiness,

Let me drink from your cup oh god of kindness,

And may thy mercy be cast upon me.

Sexy Tuesday Poetry




Once upon a whisper, twice upon a dream,

Your essence sings to my soul’s melody.

Wrapped in love’s arms, and ignited by lust’s passion,

I embrace your silent call upon my heart.


Live deep within my being,

Fire my passion, yet quiet my soul.

Love me till eternity’s end,

And let our hearts beat as one.

Sexy Tuesday–Restless Nights–


Night’s shadow masks the Day’s light as I rest my weary head.
Visions of a summer’s day flash before my heavy eyes.

I’m reminded of picnics past, and picnics still to come.
I’ engulfed by your smiling eyes, as they dance upon the corners of my wandering mind.

Hand in hand, we walk, embracing the laughter that touches my wanton heart.

The eyes of my graceful goddess sends comfort to my restless soul.

Sleep, oh precious sleep, why doth thou forsake me?

Rest thy head in comforts knowledge, as my love returns by week’s mark.

Be still thy beating heart, for if patience makes the heart grow stronger,
Then mine shall embrace loves passion as do boulders rest upon a statuesque mountainside.

I sleep now the restful sleep, as I dream about thy beauty in night’s embrace.

Sexy Tuesday Poetry



The winds of love blow heavy upon my wanton soul.

My breast fills from thy loving warmth,
And my heart aches for thy embrace.

Touch, a sensation which starts the bloodiest of wars,
Yet, soothes the savage beast.

Thy love has touched my soul and satisfied it’s burden.

Speak not of unrequited feelings,
For those have been dashed by Cupid’s arrow.

May the Heavens open, and the birds sing,
As my heart doth take to flight.

Receive my soul, and embrace my heart,
For, eternity’s reign, my spirit becomes thine.

Poetry by Sooz


Sunlight fades as night time shadows resume their rightful presence.

I see your face in the passing shadows, demure, yet, filled with loves smile.

I reach for you but alas, you are a shadow of nights dream.

I cry out your name upon the winds of slumber, but am powerless by my depth of awareness.

I yearn for your touch, I require your lips, upon which I offer my love.

In sleep, I offer you my heart, in night’s blessing, I extend you my soul.

I pray thee Cupid, mark her heart with thy arrow.

Let me LIVE  within in her love, or be doomed to suffer the sorrow of life’s cruel reality…

Sexy Tuesday



Tonight’s The Night.

See me dance Au-natural in the glow of moonlight’s charm.
Holding you in my hands, drinking from thy forbidden fruit.
Wishing that thy nectar would continue to course through my body ’till eternity’s demise.

Spare me no mercy lover, make me drunk from thy strength,
Make me submit to thy powerful come hither spell.
Touch my danger zone with thy forceful poison.
Consume me until mornings light, then let the dance begin again.


Sexy Tuesday–The Softer Side of Sooz

Come lie with me and be my mate.
Let the Earth keep turning while night shadows pass,
While love’s spark ignites our passion,
And our bodies burn within it’s flame.

Touch my breast, the food of life.
Let me feel you suckle it’s milk, and…
While drinking in my heart’s desires,
I Feel your warmth, as I caress thy tender flesh.

I NEED you now as my body submits to thy powerful thrusts.
Bring me to my glory love,
Make me Rise and Fall from Lust’s domain,
Feel me quiver, as my body falls limp within your arms.

Give me now thy sweet embrace, and…
Feel my lips upon your face.
Through the dawn till evening falls,
I am yours till Heaven calls.

Masturbation Monday Poem


Pictures of you dancing in my head, make my soul quiver with intensity.

I FEEL you as your full lips meet mine, our heads together, and your hands upon my bosom.

I feel myself flush, and the wetness from within is like a gentle rain watering a garden.

I can stand it no longer; the night is long and loves LUST demands satisfaction.

Slowly I feel the forbidden fruit as I slide from the mountains, to the plains, and arriving at my final destination, the valley of pleasure.

My breath quickens as the lust within me rages.

Faster and faster my fingers toil, the moaning responds like a coyote howling in the moonlit sky.

I feel the Earth shudder as the arching of my back and Lust’s love sends me into Heavens pleasure.

Once again, my mind returns me to your image. I feel you gently embrace my love, and hold me within your loving arms.

I am satiated once again.

Silent Lover’s Prayer


To wish, to have, to hold, to be held.

Dreams of consequence, or visions of despair?

Play me not my fickle heart, for yearning’s tears become my pain.

I search within my soul, feed me love’s embrace, let him hold me close, and nurture me within his arms.

Let me feel his breath upon my bosom, and let his light forever shine upon me.