Trump University


Photo of Trump showing how YELLING can get across your message.


As Universities everywhere pride themselves on their great educational process, so does Trump University, a new comer for the politically minded. This institution was formed from the blood, sweat, and womanizing platforms that stands firm on the Trump name.

Not only will you learn the finer skill sets of being a ruthless ass in business; you will also learn how to speak out of both sides of your mouth, speak LOUD, because God knows by speaking in a high decibel voice you will ALWAYS command respect, and have the ability to shut out the smarter and more timid party away, but you will also learn how to repeat yourself with the same rhetoric over and over in hopes that is sounds better the third time.

These are great lessons that need to be learned by all politicians. Trump U. also provides for learning how to just say ANYTHING you want WITHOUT actually having a REAL PLAN to back the words up. All good politicians NEED to learn this skill.

As an example:–

Mr. Trump—-The tax plan we have now sucks. I promise if elected, I will completely revamp the plan so the poor get richer AND so do the existing RICH.

Moderator—-How do you plan on doing that, sir, what exactly IS your plan?

Mr. Trump—-Oh, a, well, I’m working on that RIGHT now my friend, don’t you worry about a thing.

Also learned, is how to buy 1000.00 dollar suits, and make sure your HAIR is combed JUST right. These things will help SWAY the American people because, well, who would disagree with a man who is so impeccably dressed and well-coiffed?

Last, you are taught how to be a womanizer. Not just ANY womanizer, but a GOOD one. Pick out a woman you like, have sex with her and THEN, just divorce the wife your with and add on the new one.

So, all those who want to be this kind of Politician, put in your entry forms or Trump U. now. You MAY not win the battle, BUT, you will have put on QUITE the side show trying.



Politics, Politics, Politics…BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am soooooooooooooooooo sick of hearing about politics. He did this, she did that, remember when she was a Lesbian? Remember when he was a cross dressing transgender? OMG!!! When does the insanity end?

I say Forget about politics, just let the American people choose who they want as their president as opposed to having delegates do it OR us. We are NOT a Nation of simple people anymore. WE can make up our OWN minds based on their records of voting, their ability to HIDE their affairs, and even on their sexy good looks.

Debate Deshmate! Just prove to us based on some record you have set that you can RUN this big assed country and we will VOTE for you. There…Easy Pease.

We have been led astray too long now with the negative campaigning. Just tell it like it IS people, your records CAN’T be hidden. If you’ve HAD multiple affairs, OK, just as long as you’re not secretly HDING them from the American Public.

So you smoked Marijuana, hey, maybe you even INHALED, accidently of course, but still…should THAT take you out of the running, NO? Just quit all this NEGATIVE rhetoric and run a freakin’ country.

We need a candidate who can help our economy, add jobs to the work force, and help make our world a safer place to live in. Can you DO that? If you CAN, You’re my man or woman.

Don’t just give me the rhetoric, SHOW ME!!!

Thank you…


Joe Biden for President, REALLY???

Joe Biden
Official portrait of Vice President Joe Biden.jpg

I have said on numerous occasions that rarely do I give a political opinion, however, when I read that Biden is entering the race, I just wanted to throw in MY two cents.

Let’s review…Joe has already run for President twice, and BOTH times withdrew, WHY, because he KNEW he couldn’t win. Why does he think he can win that elusive victory in 2016? Perhaps the genie in the bottle told him to “go for it” because as we all know, the “Third Time is the Charm.”

Let’s examine what he does a Vice President…

  1. He sits as the head of the Senate
  2. Let’s see…He has a Gavel??
  3. Did I mention the GAVEL???

Other jobs include playing golf with other dignitaries and making sure he can re-spit out ANYTHING the President says. Now, if we could run the country from the golf course, I might consider throwing MY vote his way.

One thing that has always pissed ME off is that he went AGAINST the military mission to find and Kill Osama bin-Laden. Plus, being chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee rubbed me the wrong way. I mean he KNEW about all those foreign relations. Being the Chairman, he was condoning all that seedy sex in foreign lands.

He is also a little iffy; in 91 he opposed the Gulf war, but then in 2002, voted FOR the sending of troops into Iraq, BUT, did not vote for more troops as the Iraq war was in full swing in 2007.

In MY opinion, we need a leader, not someone who can just spit back out the party line rhetoric. At least Hilary is free thinking, just my opinion. Thanks or listening…

Until Later…                                                                 


New Odds Just In

Update:—Vegas Odds on the Presidential race—Hillary is in the lead with 11/8 odds. Trump and Bush are now tied at 9/2…*SERIOUSLY??????????* Trump WAS 100/1 odds. What the HELL are the American people THINKING?????? OMG…  

Politics Schmalitics

So…I just thought I would throw MY two cents into the political arena. OK…We have TWO cute guys running this year so it’s gonna be REAL hard to decide WHO to vote for in the Election. That IS this year RIGHT???

I watched the debate the other night while under the influence of my favorite libation, and all I saw were two CUTE guys BICKERIN’ back and forth at each other. I know, I know…that’s why they CALL it a debate RIGHT???


Somehow though, I never hear anything NEW!!! EVERYBODY wants to SAVE America with a NEW DIRECTION. REALLY??? Then why are we so Freakin’ in the SAME mess that we were four years ago? It seems that EVERY Election somebody has a Great New Way to bail us out of our economic woes. They can put thousands back to work, have great health care for all, AND put extra money in EVERYBODYS pocket through the antiquated TAX system.

HELLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Does THIS ever really happen??? No, it doesn’t. So WHY do we really have to WORRY about who we have to vote for? It DOESN’T make ANY freakin’ difference. One liar is as good as the next.

Now…What I would like them to talk about are the REAL issues like:

* Giving away FREE condoms to all Hyper Sexual Beings on the planet

* Free Vibrator batteries after every hundred used

* Receiving our Social Security Benefits NOW while the Government STILL has any money left. Let US pay THEM back LATER, we PROMISE we will…Bats EYES!!!

* No waiting in lines or having to book Dr’s appointments a YEAR in advance IF we get (Fat Chance) FREE HEALTH CARE.

* Free Child Care…Oh COME ON…You can TOO do it!!!

But, do we ever hear THESE issues debated??? BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking only for myself here, I am GLAD that the Elections only come once every Four (RIGHT?) years. Do you know WHY? First of all, you have all those annoying conventions which seem like weeks on end. Yes I’m SURE they are all NECESSARY, (Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz), BUT, HEY, they SCREW UP all the good TV shows that are on. RIGHT, Who’s WITH me here? I don’t know, maybe things will change. I’ll tell you what though, I WON’T hold my breath.


Well, at least THIS year we have two Cuties. It’s gonna be REALLY hard to decide this time. Make sure you ALL get out there and VOTE and I’ll see you in November. That IS when we vote right?

Until Later…