Silence moans the sound of peace as my mind drifts along empty plains.

Endlessly drifting, quietly floating among the realms of silence.

Oh contented spirit, fill me with thy presence.

Lift me to thy majesty, and let me soar among the eagles.

Condemn these evil thoughts to the lowest depths of Hades.

Grind them into mill seed, and let the winds of change blow them forever gone.

Fill me with thy wisdom,

And may your divine peace be placed upon my mind.


A Drunkard’s Prayer


Slumber approaches as I drift into a world of oblivion.

My mind once sharp and discerning,

Now is dispassionate from the sweet liquid of courage.


Heavy are my limbs, and flushed is my body.

My senses are laggard, and my mood is sensual.

Lust is beckoning me to renew its companionship,

Yet, the heavy wave of slumber tugs at my core.


My lips once wet with luscious desire,

Now fail to grasp Natures saliva.

My words once a thing of confidence and beauty, now appropriated,

For they have been transformed into meaningless syllables.


As has been proclaimed, the mind is strong, but the body is weak.

I pray thee; let me NOT suffer thy treacherous consequences,

Enhance my spirit to a better resolve,

And return me to my glory.




To Dream


To dream, quiet images of days past dance like sea nymphs, as night time’s shadow fills a tired mind.

Ah, the sweet sound of silence permeates our minds eye and gives a comforting solace to a restful soul.

Dance image dance, fill my being with the colors of thy music, wake me not, but let my body rest in your repose.

 Of this I ask, renew my spirit so I may once again tilt my sword towards empty windmills upon night’s end.

Fill me with thy wonder, let my mind sore with you through time’s eternity, and forever guide me through life’s wondrous journey.   

 Until Later…