10 Things to do While Waiting in an Airport

I’m a very organized person and one that hates to be late. A while back I had to travel to La.  and NATURALLY I was there WAY before I had to be. Any way, I forgot that I packed my book in my luggage which I just checked. Soooo,  I decided to sit and write this while waiting for my plane.


10.     Have wheelchair races with friends you’ve met

9.     Guess what company EACH plane is from as it flies into Airport

8.     Play HOPSCOTCH on the tarmac while waiting for planes to take off

7.     Sneak to microphone and yell “Fire!”

6.     Guess how long your sentence will be, after you’re ARRESTED

5.     Tell drunk girl/guy at the bar you’re the commander of the SPACE SHUTTLE

4.      Go to different terminals and tell passengers there has been a gate change

3.      Ask security guard to watch your luggage while you go to the bathroom

2.       Once again, guess how much time you’ll have to spend in “The Big House.”

1.       Sneak to podium and announce all tickets are free today based on bad weather (even if sun is shining)`
Hope you like some of these, I had fun writing them.

Until Later…