Secrets of the Close

I have been in sales for years, and I must admit, I’m a pretty damn good closer. Selling, whether it’s in your profession, or even in everyday life trying to win an argument is very easy IF you know the secrets.

I’m hearing some people say “WHAT???”, but it’s true, closing effectively is all about SKILL and not just winging it. Let me show you.

It’s all about people. First, you have to size them up and see what type they are. There are basically 3 different types of people:

  1. Aggressive and confident—These are very easy people to persuade or sell. Most all will fall prey to the FACT presentation. Their lives are made up of facts and or scientific jargon and as such, you need to use your facts to either CONVINCE them or SELL them something. Believe me, the more facts you can include in your argument or presentation, the easier it will be to sell them.


  1. The Doormat—Many people out there are what I call the doormats of the Universe. They are dominated by others and are the followers of the world. They live within their own little worlds, like to do things on their own and are very happy just reading books, watching TV, or living at others pleasure. These people, however, are also THINKERS, and may take longer to sell or persuade. The technique here is to make them think that your idea came from THEM. If they believe in some way that THEY thought of it, then you are in like solid gold. These are the challenging people.


  1. The I Don’t NEED or Want it People—Don’t get me wrong here, not EVERYONE  needs your product, or WANTS to go to the beach when it’s 100 degrees outside. It’s YOUR job once again to CONVINCE them WHY they really need your product or service; or WHY and HOW it would benefit them to go to the beach. These are usually the I’ll get back to you people, or I’ll ask 50 or 60 of my relatives first, and THEN I will make a decision. These people can be frustrating, but, once you sell them and show them the benefits, going forward, you can sell them ANYTHING!!!


Remember, these should be used as a guideline, once you figure out which type of people they are, the REST is easy. Good luck…


Humor: Telemarketers


There are basically three things in this world I despise:

*   Rude people
*   Know it all’s
*   Telemarketers

Today, I’m going to discuss telemarketers. Yes, I know they are regular people out there just trying to make a buck…BUT…why do they have to be so damn boring? You heard me…I said boring?

Their bosses give them a scrip to read and that’s just what they do…read it. Get a clue people…If you’re gonna read to me, at LEAST be able to read… I believe that these folks need NO experience what so ever and two thirds of them probably flunked out of the first grade.

Yes, I know, the book by: Robert Fulghum says that… All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten, BUT….Believe me, go to school a couple more years , at lest to the third grade so you’re not tripping over all your words. I shouldn’t have to HELP you through your pitch….Geeeze!!!

I really dislike a pre-read speech, if you give me one, I’m just gonna hang up on you. Here’s a thought…Learn your product, THEN, using your own words, tell me why I need it and can’t live without the new slice and dice weed whacker. Tell me that it not only whacks your weeds, but it also has a special blade attachment that slices through a tomato like a hot knife going through butter. THEN…Maybe I’ll buy one.

So, what I do to have a little fun with them is say, “Just a minute, let me ask my boyfriend”. I come back a minute later with a big pot and a spatula and bang the living HELL out of it until they need hearing aids. Usually, they don’t call back.

Another effective way is to say, “Hey, let me tell you a joke first.” Tell the joke and then say,”Did you like that, how about THIS one?” Sooner or later they will get the idea and just hang up and bug someone else.

Okay, I feel better now….Deep Breath…..Now, if you are one of my friends and are a telemarketer, call me anyway, I might just buy your product, But hey….Wear earplugs.…Just in case.
Until Later…