Just Ask Sooz

Recently, I have gotten some pretty cute letters from children who have asked me if Santa Claus is real or a fake. For these children, my answer is as follows:


Dear Children:

Is the love in your hearts real on Xmas morning when you share the good times and happy moments with your family? Do you love to be told stories about Xmas and the Holiday Season?

Do you leave cookies or some kind of treats out in the hopes that Santa and his reindeer will eat them and remember you kindly on Xmas morning? Does the spirit of Xmas ring within you as Christmas songs play on the radio or are sung by choirs and carolers?

Have you recently thought about getting presents or perhaps have even sat on a store Santas lap with the hope that your wishes would become reality? Does the Season bring out your excitement and renew your love of others?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions my dear little ones, then YES, there IS a Santa Clause. He reigns within your hopes, your dreams, and the love that is filled within you all.

May you All have a very Merry and Blessed Season, and may the love you find within your hearts now, live within you forever.

Until Later…

Santa’s Yearly Christmas Letter


Hi there, St. Nick here, just wanted to let you all know what’s been happening at the North Pole this year.  First off, let me just say that this year, Rudolph will be retiring. His liver is getting worse from all the booze he’s been swiggin’ and he just can’t cut it for flying anymore.


As Dasher may have already dished, Rudolph will be working for Herby the Elf as his Dental Hygienist. Herby is excited and says that Rudolph will become a valuable asset to his Elf practice as long as he lies off the sauce. Rudolph has been in Rehab so he could join Herby at the practice.

Mrs. Claus is fine, just like me is getting another year older and wiser. Her Rheumatism is still acting up, but, with the new drugs they have out now like Spiked Eggnog and Medicinal Medical Marijuana, she has it pretty well under control.

There are of course some side effects, like extreme giddiness, flushing, and intensified Sexual Desire. I must admit I wish she would have discovered these medications YEARS ago.

She has also just completed her Doctorate in Macro Elf Economics. I really don’t understand what the HELL that means though, something about how the Elf economy affects the cobbling.

All the Elves are busy as well, Elves, during the Holiday season and are just about nearing their toy completion schedule for the 24th. It looks like this will be another banner season.

Did I tell you that I just got a new Sleigh? Yeah, it’s called The Wizzabout 2000. It has duel toy sack compartments, a GPS, and front automatic adjusting computerized headlights to help take over Rudolph’s job. It’s a real Dream Machine. I figure with THIS system I will NEVER get lost again.

The weather has been kinda nasty here over the last few days, sure hope it clears up before my ride. I would hate to get stuck in a snow bank like I did LAST year and almost was late delivering all the toys.

Well…That’s it here at the North Pole. I wish you and your families the very Merriest of Holidays and a very Happy New Year…

Love to ALL…

Ho Ho Ho…


Until Later…