Joe Biden for President, REALLY???

Joe Biden
Official portrait of Vice President Joe Biden.jpg

I have said on numerous occasions that rarely do I give a political opinion, however, when I read that Biden is entering the race, I just wanted to throw in MY two cents.

Let’s review…Joe has already run for President twice, and BOTH times withdrew, WHY, because he KNEW he couldn’t win. Why does he think he can win that elusive victory in 2016? Perhaps the genie in the bottle told him to “go for it” because as we all know, the “Third Time is the Charm.”

Let’s examine what he does a Vice President…

  1. He sits as the head of the Senate
  2. Let’s see…He has a Gavel??
  3. Did I mention the GAVEL???

Other jobs include playing golf with other dignitaries and making sure he can re-spit out ANYTHING the President says. Now, if we could run the country from the golf course, I might consider throwing MY vote his way.

One thing that has always pissed ME off is that he went AGAINST the military mission to find and Kill Osama bin-Laden. Plus, being chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee rubbed me the wrong way. I mean he KNEW about all those foreign relations. Being the Chairman, he was condoning all that seedy sex in foreign lands.

He is also a little iffy; in 91 he opposed the Gulf war, but then in 2002, voted FOR the sending of troops into Iraq, BUT, did not vote for more troops as the Iraq war was in full swing in 2007.

In MY opinion, we need a leader, not someone who can just spit back out the party line rhetoric. At least Hilary is free thinking, just my opinion. Thanks or listening…

Until Later…