Keeping Relationships Fresh

Keeping Relationships Fresh

Many times after couples are in a relationship for a while, they get what I call comfortable. Is that a BAD thing, not necessarily, it all depends on HOW comfortable you ARE in the relationship.

For example: If you are at the stage where you can burp and fart all the time without saying excuse me, that’s ONE thing, if you are at the stage where you are no longer TALKING to each other because you have nothing to SAY, that’s another.

Try and keep your relationship fresh. What I MEAN by fresh is, like when you were first dating. I’ll bet you went out of your way to show your man/woman how great of a catch you were.

You dressed better, got all primped and proper, shaved your legs, your face, put on perfume/cologne, and tried taking her places that would impress her. Believe me, if date night NOW consists of McDonald’s and a movie all the time, you are TOO comfortable.

Break that mold, take her out like you did before, even if it’s only once a week. It will give you BOTH something to look forward to. Treat him/her with respect again, open the car door for her, tell her/him how beautiful/handsome, they look, read, so you can carry on a decent conversation WITHOUT talking about work or kids, this is YOUR time, use it wisely. Many times going down memory lane will enhance the romance, use what works to get that SPARK back.

No more “Slam Bam Thank you Mam” sex and then turning over to sleep. Women like to be spooned and cuddled afterwards; it gives us a comforting feeling. The more OFTEN you practice this, chances are, the more  sex will happen.

Working on relationships is an ON-GOING thing, just remember, the more you bring it back to the beginning, the happier you BOTH will be. Now, get out there and practice…

Until Later…



And I’m Feelin’ Good…

Darkness possesses the night and my body yearns for relief.

Burning, slow to start, but quick to flame.

The choice has been made; I must commit my flesh to the wantonness within.

Lust has called me, now I must answer.


As I touch my readied breast, make me burn with passions desire.

I Pinch my supple nipples with kindness, for my danger zone is calling.

Heat ensues as the party continues.

I trust NOT my senses as they are controlled by my wanton urges.


Slowly I travel down, down to where my fire rages.

I slip within the burning walls, and once again, the intensity rises.

Around and around I travel, slightly touching the button of release.

I arch, I cry out into the darkness, and once more, sleep overcomes my spirit.









What IS Kinky Sex

I haven’t really written about sex lately, so I decided it was time. In some of my Just Ask Sooz letters, people, (Usually women), ask about kinky sex. Many say that their boyfriends are into “unusual” sex like Bondage, Domination/Submissive role playing, certain fetishes like foot, or water sports sex and a multitude of “other types of sex positions.

They ask me whether or not these types of sex are Kinky? My best answer…They are ONLY considered kinky if you do NOT want to participate in them.

Many people LIKE bondage, and Dominatrix or Submissive sex while others do not. Does that make them kinky, I say again, it depends on your perspective. As an example, lets take ME. Personally, I like them all from straight sex, to bondage and water sports, to taking it where the sun doesn’t shine.

I have always been very open to new styles of sex play, and as a result, I have become a more well-rounded partner. Does that make me KINKY or EXPERIENCED?

Don’t get me wrong here, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with “normal” sex, the “other” styles just enhance MY sexual experience and gives my partners the satisfaction they so dearly need.

Is it right for everyone…No. Could more people be interested in the “other” forms of sex, maybe, but you would have to lose all inhibitions first. Most folks are afraid to experience these other forms, too bad though, as the better versed you are, the better the sex.

My thoughts, expand your KINKY side, try it, you might just LIKE it…

Until Later…

Common Questions People Write Me


Am I really a Woman?

I have just consulted my Vagina and it says YES!!! 

Am I really Irish, and do I have red hair?

Let’s just say I could DRINK you under the table, and YES, the carpet matches the drapes. What the F**K does that mean anyway? 

Are you REALLY a nymphomaniac, or is it an act?

Let’s just say my sex drive is like dominos, one down and the rest will fall.…


Is it TOUGH having such a strong sex drive?

Let’s just say the people I’ve worn OUT would say YES!!!


I see you online a lot, don’t you work?

Yes, I do. I open my computer to this site and just leave it on all day. In the meantime, I work my ASS off. Between home and at work I put in about 60 hrs. + a week.


When do you get the time, and inspiration to write?

Usually, I write after 9PM and will often write 2 articles at that time. I’ve been blessed as for the inspiration, the Spirit just writes THROUGH me.


Have you ever been in a long term relationship?

I had one for a week and a half once, my drinking always ruined it. I mean, who wants to date a drunk unless it’s just for sex? Don’t get me wrong, the sex is always good for me, but NOW am looking for a lasting relationship.


What made you finally want to get into rehabilitation?

A week before I went, I woke up in the Hospital. I had OD’d on alcohol, and they told me I was lucky, I almost died.


Are you happy with your life?

Hmmmmm, overall, yes. I love my job and the other ventures I am involved in, but, I have never had an honest relationship. That’s my NEXT goal. It’s hard because I work and travel a lot. I am also worried about my hyperactive sex drive, I feel if I can control the urges, I may have a shot.


Can you cook and how do you feel about kids?

Yes, I CAN cook and I love children, especially with eggs and toast. Seriously, at 44 I really don’t see that happening anymore.











My Drunk Diaries—More Than an Education

When I was sixteen, I developed a crush on one of my teachers. I was always a good student, and as such, they all liked me. Coming from a “troubled” home environment, I would often stay after school and talk with this one teacher about my home life.

 She was always so nice, I would babble away about this or that and she would sit there attentive, just listening, and hug me when I needed a hug. Now, I had ALWAYS had a very intense sex drive, and having a beautiful teacher that actually LISTENED to me made it go into overdrive.

Miss Jones, (Not real name), as I said was a beautiful young woman, oh say around twenty five, and had ALWAYS takin’ a liking to me. One day, after school, she invited me over to HER house so we could TALK without any interruptions.

I said SURE, I called my mother, no answer. Well, it was around 3:30 so I figured she was already passed out drunk, so I left her a message and away we went. Miss Jones was always such a happy go lucky person, she was quick with a smile that made sunshine pale in comparison, and was always there with a joke to lighten the mood.

She had such a beautiful apartment. Hardwood everywhere and a baby grand piano in the foyer that would have Beethoven’s mouth hanging to the ground. She looked at me as if I was the only one on the planet and she offered me a drink. What was I gonna SAY….NO?????

She brought out a bottle of wine, red if memory serves me well, and we sat and talked, and drank and drank. Without going into a long dragged out sex scene, she approached my lips and kissed me. By NOW, I was intensely inebriated, (As we drank two full bottles), and I just fell into her arms.

I was hers and she was mine. I didn’t care if the moon even rose that night, at MY young age, and in the state I was in, I loved her. She and I did things that I never had experienced before, and I enjoyed EVERY second of pleasure I could feel.

Afterwards, she offered me coffee while I stayed languishing in her bed. I was in Heaven. She explained that I should NEVER speak to anyone about what happened and that she would LOVE to keep seeing me. I spent MANY drunken nights with her and it was a time I shall never forget.

Two years later, she was convicted of endangering the welfare a minor and was imprisoned. I never saw or spoke with her again.

Until Later…

How To Heat Up Your Love Life

 How many of us out there can honestly say we wouldn’t like a little more spice in our love lives; and NO, I’m NOT talking about sprinkling a little salt and pepper over your bodies.

Here’s a couple sure fire ways to amp up the old sex glands and start humping like rabbits on crack. First off, if you are single and LOOKING for love, the number one place to meet your soul mate isGuess where? Did you guess the bars or clubsBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!

Nope, the number one place to meet interesting people is at either at school, or at work. A close second is through friends.  Now, let’s say you don’t work, OR go to school, AND, you have no friends. If this IS the caseYOU’VE GOTTA GET OUT MORE!!!

Other popular meeting places are, the supermarket or Laundramats.  Yup, the key here is to pretend that you are a naive guy/gal who NEEDS advice about something. How do I pick out a good melon, or what kind of Steak should I buy? In a Laundromat, “Should I use Bleach on this”, or, “Can I wash darks with whites?” The MORE naïve the better.

These are good icebreakers and will help start a long, and hopefully a more meaningful conversation. The longer the conversation, the more likely you are to get a date, and then, well, Nature will just take its course.

If, on the other hand, you already HAVE a significant other, but have been a little estranged recently, the best thing that you can do is LOSE YOUR SMART PHONE. Remember I was talking about conversation above, today we are just WAY too focused on our cell phones.

CALL your significant other and have a conversation. Believe me on this, there is NOTHING that will bring you closer together than to have a conversation with each other. The average couple speaks less than 400 words per day to their significant others. This indeed is a shame.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists both agree, the more couples engage in a one on one meaningful conversation with each other, the better their sex lives, REGARDLESS the rigors of their daily routines.
What can we take away from all of this, LOSE those phones, and re-engage again VERBALLY with your spouse. You’ll be GLAD you did…

Until Later…

Forbidden Romance

Lay by my side, my gentle knight.
Cuddle next to me and caress my flesh.
Feel my heat, Taste my juice.
Tell me you Love me, and gently feel the outer flesh of my lips.

Be not shy, for I am but a pedal, waiting to be picked.
Wouldst not my love be tempting?
Set me a fire, ignite my passions wild.
Be thou my Master, and I shall be the slave.

Feel my heat, Taste my Juice.

Sexy Tuesday–Touch Me…Feel Me

Standing in front of the mirror, I watch you slowly, and sensuously disrobe me.

My dress slipping to the floor, exposing my nakedness to your anxiously awaiting hands.

I am yours, Take me… Touch me… Feel me.

The heat of your breath engulfs me, as you slowly work your way down my wanton body.

Feel MeTouch Me.

Strong hands surround my breasts as your manhood slides into my womanly garden.

Slow kissing, and long, lazy thrusts consume my lust.

I am your slave, and you are my master.

Satisfying my fire, your passion totally consumes me while I wait to be touched again.

Touch MeFeel Me…


Sexy Tuesday–Drunken Lust


Friday night, it’s been a LONG week, I’m hot, tired, and I need a drink. Rush rush rush, that’s what I do ALL day, no time to eat, and now, it’s party time. I’m excited and need some excitement.

Tonight is MY night for love, it’s been a while since I’ve had REAL Human contact and I will dress for sex. The lower cut the better tonight as I rummage through my closet and make sure that heads will turn in MY direction.
A cougar on the loose, that’s me, as I pick up my clutch, and head for the club. My body is starving for touch, Just THINKING about going home with someone starts my body to get moist, I am sexy, and ready as I enter the club.

The Music is blaring as I saunter over to the bar, making sure that my breasts are doing their work. As expected, heads turn as I order a dirty martini and try to act nonchalant.
I’m only sitting there about 5 minutes when a young 20 year old something pulls up a seat next to me and offers to buy me a drink. He is cute, so I say sure, the night has started.
Five or six drinks later, I am drunk and he has his hand down the back of my pants, feeling my ass when he asks if I wanna go home with him. Without hesitation, I slur, SURE, and he walks me to his car. A slow wet kiss is followed by a quick breast feel as he helps me.
We arrive at his place, a nice house in an up and coming neighborhood, he helps me out of the car and we go inside his home. I am drunk and willing, as he picks me up and carries me up to his bedroom.
He lights a candle which throws off beautiful shadows as he slowly disrobes me. His mouth is HOT against my heaving breasts, signals are sent to my pussy and I am FLOODED with wetness…
I am hisHe takes me, ties my hands against the bed posts and does the same with my feet. He undresses as I watch him and i can see that he is hung like a horse. I start to heave from excitement as he takes his hardened member and places it in my mouth.
Ready, willing, and EAGER am I to accomodate him, I lick and suck his hardness until I can see the excitement on his face. I tell him…”Let me TASTE your manhood”, as he moves it in and out of my mouth. “No He says, “I am saving my cum for your breasts”.
He removes his penis and starts rubbing it up against my wanting breasts. He cups me and moves his manhood between my ample crevices. I can tell that he is about to explode by his growing cries and his increasing hardness.
He SQUEEZES my breasts close against his throbbing cock until he climaxes all over my breastsI want it BAD now as he slowly wipes his cum over my chest and then permits me to taste it from his finger.
I yell out…”Eat me…..Eat me NOW….PLEASE!!!” Slowly kissing me from my breasts down, he arrives at the forbidden zone and starts to work his magic. As soon as his tongue swirls around my clit, I am HIS and I burst into an Orgasmic convulsion. Three more times he makes me scream with pleasure and NOW… He is hard again.
“Take me I moan”, as he places his hardened cock DEEP inside me, filling me with his passionOMG!!! He is Soooooo thick and again, I climax. Back and forth and in and out and thenHe arches his back and again explodes, THIS time inside me, filling me with his LOVE potion.
Untying me, we kiss and both collapse within each others arms. A Friday night to remember—Mission Accomplished.
Until Later…



Sensual Friday–Things That Make You Hot


SureI Could be talking about the weather here or extremely hot peppers but I’m NOT. I’m talking about sexual or sensual things that start your sexual engine, make you just wanna grab your partner OR the person next to you and just have crazy monkey sex.

Actually, I have never seen monkeys have sex so I don’t really know what all the hullabaloo is all about. Although, I am sure it is complete with watching porn, having expensive champagne and thenWell doing it!!!

Of course every one of us is different when it comes to THAT department. I, myself, like to see a sexy dressed woman in a low cut top and wide slit running down her leg. I also like to see guys with NICE butts and wearing nice tight pantsStarting to shiver here just thinking about that…

For many womenJust having a man do the dishes after the meal can create the spark necessary to ignite that sexual flame. Or, how about doing some of the house chores like vaccuming??? Ladies??? I also know that THIS would do it for ME!!!

Every one has a DIFFERENT turn on point, what’s yours??? Come on….This could be fun, PLUS, if you DO have a significant other, he/she should pay attention so that maybe they could “GET SOME” tonightHope to hear for you all…

Until Later…