Sooz’s Holiday Letter


Dear Folks:
Tis the time of year where I write about MY past year. I have had many trials and tribulations this year, and yet, I have also had some very GOOD things that have happened.
A few dear friends and relatives have passed this year, and it was THOSE people who have Helped guide my path throughout life. Probably the most heart wrenching thing was when I lost my substitute mother, my Aunt Carol. She was indeed my guiding life force for many of the decisions I have made in my life.

I suffered Pneumonia earlier this year, and that experience, has brought me closer to the realization of what LIFE is all about. We never really THINK about our lives until something Earth shattering happens.

That is where I must thank all of YOU, yes…YOU guys!!!! Without your guiding words and your inspiring words of FAITH, I would NOT have been able to do this.

There are SO many of you who have shed your guiding light upon me that I will NEVER be able to truly express my gratitude. You ALL know who you are and let me just say that I shall NEVER be able to express my greatest thoughts and feelings.

I wish you ALL a Happy Holiday and hope you all have a very prosperous New Year.
Until Later…