Why Are We So Obsessed With Time

Why are we so obsessed with time? No matter where you go, that’s all you hear about. Time is money, I don’t have time, time is running out, I’m killing time, don’t waste my time, etc,etc,etc
Everywhere there are clocks, watches, and every other thing known to man to be able to “Keep the Time.” My question isWHY??? Do you think that the Universe is keeping track of USNO!!! So why then, are we so time driven?
We can’t DO anything about it, we can’t CHANGE it, make it STOP, Slow it down, TRAVEL through it, or for THAT matter, even be sure if we have the CORRECT time, so WHY BOTHER???
Life will go on WITHOUT keeping time. We will still get older, Night will STILL become day, and the Universe will just happily and merrily roll along WITHOUT us timing it.
Think about THIS, I say we give up our watches, hide the clocks, and just go with the time that Nature has us set on. No more scheduled 40 Hr. work weeks or longer, no more getting up at 6, 7, or 8, and RUSHING like madmen/women to get to work.
 I say, we get up when we feel rested, work until either the job is completed, OR we are tired and need rest. NATURES way!!! This way, the job will STILL get done, AND, you won’t get all stressed out because you had to DO it by a certain TIME.
In doing this, we will all be less stressed, more well rested, and better functioning Human beings. Think about it, NirvanaNow doesn’t THAT sound a lot better than what we are doing now? Less stress, less medical problems, less drugs, just more time to sit back and enjoy life as it should be. Ohhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry, but I have to cut this blog short because I have a meeting in 10 MinutesLive long and prosper everyoneMUAH!!!
Until Later…

How to Determine If the Holiday Spirit is Alive and Well



10.   You’ve increased your alcohol intake by an extra bottle of Jack and Cokes weekly.

9.    You’ve acquired Bruises from all the Holiday pushing and shoving.

8.    Your IN LAWS will be staying at YOUR house this Holiday.

7.    It’s Xmas Eve and you STILL haven’t gotten anything for your significant other yet.

6.    The Santa from the Mall has just flipped you and your kid off for asking if he had a REAL beard.

5.    You snuck over to your neighbor’s house and added a PENIS to his Snowman.

4.    Everywhere you go people are stressed out and are always BITCHING.

3.    After buying gifts for the Holidays…You have to file for Bankruptcy.

2.    You wife/Husband wants Ham and you want Turkey for your Holiday feast. You COMPRISE on TurDuckin’…

1.    Happy Carolers are singing Silent Night in GERMAN and you’re Irish so you can’t understand a F**KING thing their saying.

Happy Holidays…

Until Later…