A Gift of Love


The Christmas season for me has always been one about giving and helping those less fortunate than others. I owe this warm feeling to my father, who was a shining light in helping me understand the true meaning of the Season.

Since my father’s tragic passing, there have been many times I have just wanted to give up, step off the world, and let OTHERS share in the joy. This would have been an easy thing to do had it not been for one particular moment in time where my father taught me the True meaning of Christmas.

When I was about 5, my father decided to take me Christmas shopping with him. I absolutely adored my father so for ME, this was indeed a treat. I remember shopping that day, buying lots of presents, and even making a stop by to see Santa Clause in the Mall…(YES…They HAD Malls then…Gheese).

Afterwards, I asked my father, ”Daddy, are we gonna put ALL these presents under the tree?” He said, “No Sooz, these are for those in the homeless shelter who don’t GET any presents for the Holidays. Always remember pumpkin, it’s better to GIVE than receive. THAT’S the TRUE spirit of the Season.”

We got in the car and drove to what he explained to me was a homeless shelter, where people who didn’t have families like we did went because they had no jobs, no homes, and nothing to eat on a regular basis.

He explained to me that by giving to others and helping them, we in turn would someday be rewarded. We arrived at the shelter and was met there by a very nice man. He helped us unload the presents, and asked if we were going to stay and help feed the hungry.

My father with a big grin on his face said sure and asked if I could help. Absolutely said the man, we’ll put her on roll duty. And so it was, person after person came through our line being fed Turkey, corn, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and of course ROLLS.

It seemed as though each person had a huge smile on their face after coming through the line. It gave me the warmest feeling in my soul that day to see those who were hungry, and in need, eat till their hearts content. The presents afterwards were given out by Santa and the smiles on their faces I shall NEVER forget.

I’ve been through some pretty rough times myself since that day, BUT, whenever I feel like I just wanna give up and chuck it all, I think back to that time and everything changes.

Today, I have been fortunate enough to do the same thing as my father did those many years ago. The feeling is STILL incredible and the Love I was taught that day was never forgotten…Thank you Daddy…

Merry Christmas…