Humorous survey



I have to admit, I liked these questions so much I just had to steal the Survey from another blogger. The ANSWERS however are totally MINE…Enjoy!!!

1. I’m not easily bothered by things.  

* THINGS usually don’t bother me; it’s the PEOPLE I can’t stand. 



2. I make friends easily.


* Hey…When you’re as horny as me you tend to make “friends VERY fast.




3. I do just enough work to get by.


* I’m a mover and a shaker, I move furniture on the weekends and I SHAKE my ass whenever I can….Ohhh Come on…It’s a JOKE…LAUGH!!! 



4. I respect others.


* Just as long as I get paid…




5. I’m not very interested in abstract ideas.


* Abstract ideas are fine, abstract PEOPLE…Not so much. 


6. I dislike myself.


* Only when I’ve been drinking…Gheese!!!


7. I make plans and stick to them.


* Usually I remove the double sided tape so I DON’T stick to them…


8. I tend to vote for liberal political candidates.


I tend to vote for MYSELF!!! I am just Soooooooooo the BEST person to run…


9. I would describe my life’s experience as somewhat dull.

* Life’s experiences…VERY dull…Oh wait, you mean MY life experiences…Well I would have to say as best I remember…HELL NO!!!



10. I regularly insult others.


* Only when I open my MOUTH!!!


11. I have a vivid imagination.


* Mine is SO vivid, I see flying pigs sometimes and pink elephants. How’s THAT for imagination???


13. I am the life of the party.


* Yup!!! I’m always the one with the lampshade on my head or passed out naked somewhere…


14. I feel blue or depressed.


* Rarely Blue…Red, pink and fuchsia usually


15. I have a sharp tongue.


* Nah!!! I think it’s softer and more round…Definitely no Ginsu knife…


16. I don’t care much for art.


* Only if it’s of male or female nudes…You can KEEP that fruit in a bowl drivel…


17. I don’t talk a lot.


* Define a lot. Like someone who filibusters on the floor of Congress or like Marcel Marisol?


19. I accept people as they are.


* Absolutely!!! Just as long as they think the same way as ME!!!


20. I enjoy hearing new ideas.


* I enjoy HEARING new ideas, AND THEN…I use my OWN!!!


21. I avoid philosophical discussions.

* Like the PLAGUE!!! I mean their Philosophical…There IS no RIGHT answer…What’s the point???



27. I panic easily.


* Nope!!! I make OTHERS panic…


28. I get back at others.


* Let’s just say…Don’t CROSS me…


32. I believe others generally have good intentions.


* Yup…Unless they try and take me to bed…Oh come on…You SAW that one coming didn’t you???


34. I often have frequent mood swings


* Only during my period and Mondays through Sundays.




35. I like to keep in the background.


* Yup…Especially if I am doing something illegal… Just kidding…I have NEVER done anything illegal…Looks the other way…






Dreamshadow59’s interactive Survey


*** First let me say that I borrowed…. OK…. STOLE this idea from Pouringmyartout*** The surveys he did were amazing and I just couldn’t help myself…

I had such a fun time doing the last survey from Pouringmyartout, I thought I would make up some questions myself and let each and every one of you who wants to, take it. It will be fun I promise with some weird questions.

When you’re done, please email me your link so I can read it and make some comments on it. I think this will be some interactive fun…Enjoy…

  •    Would you like to have a pet Octopus and IF yes…Why???
  •    What would you do if you had an EXTRA pair of hands???
  •    Have you ever eaten a whole Habanero Pepper, If so WHY???
  •    If you had to, would you rather give up your deodorant OR your toothbrush?
  •    If you could kiss your favorite comic book hero or Muppet, who would it be and tell us about that kiss…J
  •    If there IS a devil…Would he REALLY play a violin???
  •    If I gave you ONE wish only…What would it be???
  •    Could you do without your cell phone for 1 week???
  •    Do you believe you could be easily hypnotized?
  •    How many cookies (of your choice) could you eat at ONE setting???
  •    Do you like Rhino’s…WHY???
  •    What is your favorite Zoo animal???
  •    If you were drunk, would you like to KISS me???
  •    How many times a week to you FART???
  •    Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever made love???
  •    Are you a BIG tipper???
  •    Which animal is cuter, Baby Elephant or a baby Donkey…Explain…
  •    What is your favorite time of day???
  •    Would you rather listen to a Thunderstorm or peaceful music???
  •    What makes you Cranky???
  •    What makes you happy???
  •    Have you ever been in love? Are you STILL???
  •    If you had the chance to sleep with me while in an inebriated state or Read, which would you choose??? BAD SOOZ!!!!!!!!!! What kinda question IS that anyway…Don’t answer that question unless you just have an uncontrollable URGE to do so!!!!!!!!!!
  •    Final question: Overall…Would you say that you have lived a Happy Life???

I wanna personally thank everyone who may participate in this little survey and the funnier your answers, the more fun it will be….Again, If you do this, send me the link so I can write comments…Muah!!!

Until Later…   

Adult Sex Survey Answers From Sooz–No One Under 18 Admitted–


I’ll be honest…I was a little drunk when I thought of this BUT…I still thought it would be fun…I will give you MY answers to these tomorrow. REALLY…I WILL…

If you answer TRUTHFULLY…I may just send this out to a couple thousand people and then write a book…So….Let’s see what ya got people…DON’T BE BASHFUL NOW……..

1.   Do you like sex?—More than I can express….Well in WORDS anyway…

2.   On a scale of 1-10, how MUCH do you like sex?—52

3.   How many times a day do you THINK about sex OR ABOUT something sexy? I am ALWAYS thinking about sex even when sleeping….

4.   How many times a day do you Masturbate?–6-8

5.   Have you ever had a Threesome?–Many times….Yummy…

6.   Would you LIKE to have a threesome? My number is 1-800-555-3754…*SMILES*

7.   Do you like having sex better totally sober OR a little drunk?–Drunk–

8.   Ever had sex in a car?…In a bar…In a jar??? Sorry, Dr. Seuss taking over there for a minute…NOT in a Jar BUT pretty much EVERYWHERE else you can think of…

9.   Do you like taking your partners clothes off?–Ohhhh Yeahhhhhhhh…..

10.  Have you ever worn your partners Panties, Boxers, Bra’s etc?–If they want me to SURE….

11.  Have you ever role played while having sex?–Yes–I LOVE to be the school girl….*DEMURE SMILE*

12.  Do you like it…Slow and Easy….Rough and tumble…Or DEPENDS?–Depends on my mood….Both actually…

13.  Do you have any fetishes? Shoes, Water Sports, Bondage?–Let’s just say You name a fetish, good chance I HAVE it…

14.  How many times a week do you have sex? ***DON’T LIE***–Minimum 42…

15.  Do you like giving/receiving blow jobs?–I Lovvvve Giving Blow Jobs–

16.  Have you ever had sex in a public place…Park…Elevator…Neighbors Water Fountain? If so…WHERE?–Park-YES,Elevator-YES,Bus-Yes,Train,YES,plane YES…ETC…ETC…

17.  Have you ever watched someone else having sex BESIDES TV OR MOVIES? I’m talking LIVE here baby…Hehehe…YES….VERY SEXY…

18.   Do you use sex toys while making love with your partner?–YES–

19.   Do you enjoy sex on the spur of the moment or like to plan your love making?…Baby, I like sex ANY FUCKING time…(Except 4 AM)

20.  Would you rather have your partner be tall dark and handsome, beautiful as a model or Funny?–YES….Funny if I HAD to Choose…

21.  Have you ever tried anal sex?–YES…Love it…

22.  Would you consider trying anal sex?

23.  What is your favorite sex position?–You NAME a position, THAT’s my FAVORITE…

24.  How many times a week would you LIKE to have sex?–As OFTEN as possible…

25.  Describe your ULTIMATE sex partner either male or female?…Male–Fit and able with a pulse…Female…Fit and able with a pulse…*SMILES*


26.  How many partners have you had: 1-10……10-20….20-30…., OR more?–WELL over 1000…


27.  Have you ever had sex while driving a car?–YES—Who HASN’T?


28.  Do you prefer oral sex or intercourse? Dosen’t Matter…Both Preferably.


29.  Do you have a favorite time of day or night you enjoy having sex?–BOTH–


30.  Have you ever had a one night stand?–ALL THE TIME—