Wicked Wednesday—My First Threesome—


No One Under 18 Admitted—Sexually Explicit—

I still remember my first threesome as if it was yesterday. It was a Friday, I had just finished work and I was ready for some release. I hadn’t had any REAL action in a couple of weeks and every fiber of my being was just aching for some touch.

It was party time, I took out the bottle of Vodka I had in my drawer and poured myself a strong one. I had already made up my mind that tonight I was going to get laid.

Once back at my place, I showered, changed, and put on my sexiest Mini with a nice sexy thong and bra to match. A nice blouse with three buttons undone insured that my ensemble was complete for maximum sex appeal.

Hell, I was young, the night was young, and my body was ready. I poured another drink and patiently waited for the cab to take me to my favorite watering hole.

It was kind of slow when I arrived so I just went to the bar, ordered a Vodka and Cranberry and surveyed the place looking for eligible sex partners. There were a couple of boys playing pool so I took my drink, and headed for the table.

Placing my money on the table, I asked if I could have the next game with the winner. Each of them, trying to be unobtrusive, checked out my wares and I knew that the trap I set was working.

They were brothers, just in town for the weekend to visit relatives, and were out for a little fun. I introduced myself, smiled coyly, and picked up a pool stick. I played with the stick having my hand go up and down the cue like I was stroking a cock.

The one brother, Tom, smiled wickedly and I shot him back the same wicked smile. I had already decided that tonight, Tom would be caught in my web like the spider catches the fly.

Both brothers kept buying me drinks and watched intently as I bent over to make some of the shots. We talked, drank some more, and I was beginning to feel NO pain. Like a whore in heat, I brushed against them and let Tom give me a little love tap as I got up to go to the ladies room.

When I got back, Tom leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Would you like to have a threesome with my brother and I.” Those words were like butter to my ears. Drunkenly, I smiled and said…”Sure.” They called a cab and off we went.

Brother Paul was the shy one, but that changed when I unzipped his fly and started feeling his member. Tom sat there and watched as Paul started feeling my titties and fingering me. I could feel my wetness flow the more he touched my HOT Pussy.

I was in need, HE was in need, it didn’t take long for us BOTH to cum right there in the cab. We arrived at their hotel and I couldn’t WAIT for the fun to continue.

Clothes started flying everywhere, Tom pulled off my thong while Paul was sucking on my titties…I was DRUNK and HOT…I asked them if they would like to have me as a sandwich. Eagerly they agreed. I took some lubricant that I carry in my purse and had Tom lube my ass till you could have put a baseball bat up there.

Paul, lubed my twat and then we layed on the bed. Paul, kissing me, took his hard 8” dick and eased it into my wanting pussy. Tom, on my other side, took HIS cock and slowly put it in my ass. OMG…I was in fucking Heaven…In and out they stroked as I layed there feeling the pain, but also the immense pleasure.

I must have cum 5 or 6 times that night as the boys played me like a fine tuned instrument. These boys had DONE this before…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…I woke up the next morning, gave the boys my sincere thanks after I got them both off, and made my way back to my place.

The first experience you NEVER forget. I was alone once again, but, I was one satisfied and happy lady…

:To Be Continued: