Wicked Wednesday—The Big Bang—

Woman masturbating

Today I am going to talk about the ultimate orgasm, the Vaginal Bang. Many women have never experienced this ultimate pleasure and I am here to tell you HOW to achieve this magnificent feeling.

The secret here guys is for your woman to be VERY excited. In other words, a 5 minute warm up is NOT going to cut it unless your significant other is already hot, bothered and ready for some action.

Honestly, the most common reason why many women never have a vaginal orgasm is because it is triggered by continuous pressure on our G spots. There are a multitude of reasons why we or our significant others fall short here.

Usually it’s because of one or two things. One, we are not excited enough, or two, either we or our significant others are lacking in the skill needed to achieve Natures wonderful release.

Make sure we are well lubricated, tease us, feel around our pussy without actually touching our clit. Give us LOTS of stimulation. Kissing, slowly feeling our breasts and nipples, and then work your way down to our love spot and tenderly spend some time there.

Ladies, if you are pleasing yourselves, YOU know how to get the job done, so get to it. The important point here is to take your time, FEEL the sensations ease over your body and generally feel like you could cum at any moment.

OK…Here’s the play by play “technically” speaking. While lying on your back, lift up your legs, feet flat on the bed and knees in an upright position. If you are SELF pleasuring yourself, take your second and third fingers, place them in your vagina. Now, stick them up about two inches, on the top of your vagina, until you feel a ribbed bump. This would be your G spot.

With light pressure at first, move your fingers like a come hither motion, slowly at first until your excitement heightens. Then, try putting a bit more pressure there and finger yourself a little faster until you FEEL the explosion coming.

More than likely, you’ll feel as if you have to pee. I recommend using the bathroom just prior to pleasuring yourself. The truth is, this will probably be from the increase in fluid that you will release. Don’t worry, I’ve never peed the bed yet ladies.

As you feel your orgasm coming, place your other hand on your clit and softly stroke it. This should DEFINITELY do it for you. Your back will arch, you may expel fluid, (CUM), and most likely you will shudder with utter delight.

Guys, you would follow the same procedure as I’ve mentioned above. It MAY take a while to happen, many times full excitement doesn’t happen for 30 to 45 min. With ME, I’m ALWAYS horny so I can usually cum in about 10-15 minutes. Everybody is different.

Remember… The trick here is to get VERY excited by doing or having your partner do whatever it takes to make you hotter than Gehenna. Practice makes perfect. Actually, I think I am going to “practice” right now. If anyone needs further help or technical instruction, please feel free to PM me. Good Luck and enjoy…