Miley Cyrus…SERIOUSLY????



OK people, here’s the thing, like other Disney stars who grew up and started to come into their own, Miley has just joined the ranks. She has been the cute little cuddly bear that everyone loves and just wants to give a hug to.

She is 20 years old now folks and is just trying to shed that goodie goodie two shoes persona. Well congrats. Miley, you certainly DID that at the VMA performance.

Let’s be frank here…Britney did it, Christina Aguilera did it and now Miley…What’s all the hoop la about people??? She is just changing her little girl image into something more mature, (Like a gutter slut). Are WE the ones to judge?

People get so uptight even in today’s day and age with people acting a little sexy, or having a wardrobe malfunction where you can see their Hoo Ha’s. Here’s a thought…Hoo Ha’s all look the same, as do boobs and dicks. Well, OK, I realize size and shape changes but…Bottom line, we are ALL the same animal.

I say if Miley wants to have a little fun with Robin’s thick…I mean Robin Thick, I say it’s HER life and HER career, let her go for it. Why should we all be so SHOCKED when she sticks her tongue out anyway, after all, she is ONLY seeking a Lollypop.

If Miley wants to go the same route as Britney or Lindsay Lohan, I say let her go for it. Sometimes you just have to make your own mistakes before you get back on the straight and narrow. We’ve ALL done it…YES…Even YOU…

I say good for YOU Miley, you just keep bumpin’ and grindin’ away and sooner or later you will find your rightful place…As Ryan Seacrest would say…”Peace Out.”