Why is it When You Visit The Dead, It’s Called a WAKE

This is just one of those things that has always bothered me, I mean WHY do we call it a WAKE when their DEAD? Good question, right???

Well, lucky for you that ONCE again, Sooz has done countless research on the subject and has the answer you’ve ALL been asking. It all started YEARS and YEARS ago, like before there was even toothpaste or soap.

Once upon a time, OK, I just HAD to, people were celebrating at a wedding festivity. As it turned out, ONE of the guests had consumed a LOT of MEAD (Beer), and fell dead to the floor. Many of the guests said…”Ahhh SHIT, Now we have to take care of this DEAD guy and bust up the party. They carried her out, (This COULD have been ME), and laid her body upon a Pyre for all to pay their last respects.

After a couple of days, people were STILL parading around for the viewing, and LOW and BEHOLD, the supposed corpse woke UP, sat up, BURPED, (Cause THAT’s what drunken corpses did back then, and asked “What the HELL is going on?” People stepped back and shouted with amazement, “LOOK, she’s AWAKE.”

From THAT time on, anytime someone passed away, they would wait three days before the actual burial. That way, they could be sure that someone was REALLY dead and not just passed out in a drunken stupor.
Someone then coined the name A WAKE for anytime people would view a dead person before the funeral… “And NOW you know, the REST of the story”, as Paul Harvey would say.
Until Later…