I’m in a pensive mood today as I sit by the pool and just stare out into the sky. Just looking up at an infinite space it makes me question my importance. I mean WHO AM I anyway? Who are WE?
We are just a small part, a cog, if you will, in the wheel of the Universe. We’re born, we travel the winding roads on life’s journey, just hoping that we will die, leaving something GOOD behind by which others will remember us.
Interesting really, Nature VS Nurture, survival of the fittest, Who will become successful and grab that brass ring, or, who will make the Same attempt, yet fail at it miserably. Who will wind up OWING their future, and who will walk the Earth broke, and living in a box.
Indeed, Life is a Journey, a gift, yet still a journey. My question, Are we predestined to be WHO we are through a Universal plan, OR, do we REALLY have a chance at making our OWN destines?
QuestionsquestionsWill we EVER really KNOW the answers? What are YOUR thoughts on a predetermined destiny? Give me your thoughtsAs for ME, I’m returning to Look at the skyHave a Great Saturday…
Until Later…

Wandering Thoughts


Time flies like the wings of a Hummingbird, fast and yet still in one dimension,one mind.

Fleeting is the love that we make, acquired, yet always sifting like sand through an hourglass.

Why can we learn NOT from past transgressions, but turn our souls inward to the peace and tranquility of loves domain.

Why must we be sheltered by our inner thoughts and feelings, drawn to those we cannot posses, even though we would be bettered by their presence.

Alas, I speak to thee my crippled heart, let my bonds of meekness be purged from the fires of thy imprisoned Hell.

Let me speak thy tongue filled with love for thy requited soul.

Fortify my courage and emancipate my soul.

Let me waiver NOT within my committed thoughts, and may thy strength encourage me to speak thy needed truth.

Until Later…