Wicked Wednesday—The Way To A Man’s Heart—


Contrary to popular belief, the way to a man’s heart is NOT through his stomach, it’s BANGING the living HELL out of his dick until he is too crippled to walk.

Yes…I know, this is coarse and tactless, BUT, it’s true. Men are horny little bastards, just ask them. Sure a good meal may get them in the mood but bottom line, (USUALLY YOURS), they want HOT, SWEATY, STEAMY, SLUTTY SEX.

OK…Not every man wants slutty sex BUT, the word SEX is ALWAYS imbedded in their minds. Is that wrong??? NO… It’s just how they are wired. Nature has made men the hunters, and us the providers.

Men have a natural and instinctual NEED to procreate the race. It’s what they were designed for. Women on the other hand were born to have babies and provide for our families. YES…I realize I sound like I am enlisting an idea that is thousands of years old but…It’s true.

Now, does that mean that we aren’t supposed to like sex, HELL NO, we just have to be AWARE of our own sexuality. For years, we were taught to play with dolls, be passive and attentive towards our men.

Of course we can still do that today; we just have to realize that men and women should be equal partners in the game of life. We should accept our bodies as men do. If we want SEX…We should HAVE it. We’re entitled to it.  See, it says so right here in paragraph 659 section 25 of the woman’s handbook on…Oh never mind…JUST DO IT ALREADY…

The point I am trying to make here is that Men WANT sex. Men NEED sex. Sex is what builds good relationships (initially), after that, you have to work at it the old fashion way, with good communication skills with and the ability to say I WAS WRONG. I realize this is hard for us since we hardly ARE EVER wrong but every once in a blue moon…

So…There you have it, the way to a man’s heart is through good sex. Yeah, all that other Psycho babble has to be there too of course, but hey, get the ball, (or should I saw balls), rolling and get ‘er done.

Wicked Wednesdays


I’ve been think about starting a recurring blog on Wednesday about the sexual pleasures and delights of us poor lowly Human beings. If you LIKE the idea, let me know by responding. If I get enough Yesses…I will do it…If NOT, I will drop it like a hot potato. I would like at least 50 Yes replies before I will do the piece…

It’s ALL in YOUR hands now people…