Dreamshadow59’s interactive Survey


*** First let me say that I borrowed…. OK…. STOLE this idea from Pouringmyartout*** The surveys he did were amazing and I just couldn’t help myself…

I had such a fun time doing the last survey from Pouringmyartout, I thought I would make up some questions myself and let each and every one of you who wants to, take it. It will be fun I promise with some weird questions.

When you’re done, please email me your link so I can read it and make some comments on it. I think this will be some interactive fun…Enjoy…

  •    Would you like to have a pet Octopus and IF yes…Why???
  •    What would you do if you had an EXTRA pair of hands???
  •    Have you ever eaten a whole Habanero Pepper, If so WHY???
  •    If you had to, would you rather give up your deodorant OR your toothbrush?
  •    If you could kiss your favorite comic book hero or Muppet, who would it be and tell us about that kiss…J
  •    If there IS a devil…Would he REALLY play a violin???
  •    If I gave you ONE wish only…What would it be???
  •    Could you do without your cell phone for 1 week???
  •    Do you believe you could be easily hypnotized?
  •    How many cookies (of your choice) could you eat at ONE setting???
  •    Do you like Rhino’s…WHY???
  •    What is your favorite Zoo animal???
  •    If you were drunk, would you like to KISS me???
  •    How many times a week to you FART???
  •    Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever made love???
  •    Are you a BIG tipper???
  •    Which animal is cuter, Baby Elephant or a baby Donkey…Explain…
  •    What is your favorite time of day???
  •    Would you rather listen to a Thunderstorm or peaceful music???
  •    What makes you Cranky???
  •    What makes you happy???
  •    Have you ever been in love? Are you STILL???
  •    If you had the chance to sleep with me while in an inebriated state or Read, which would you choose??? BAD SOOZ!!!!!!!!!! What kinda question IS that anyway…Don’t answer that question unless you just have an uncontrollable URGE to do so!!!!!!!!!!
  •    Final question: Overall…Would you say that you have lived a Happy Life???

I wanna personally thank everyone who may participate in this little survey and the funnier your answers, the more fun it will be….Again, If you do this, send me the link so I can write comments…Muah!!!

Until Later…