Random Thoughts for Who Ever is Interested


I sit here today in front of my hearth, and dream about a better world. A world without hunger or thirst, without disease and suffering, and I am convinced, that we as Human Beings were made to eradicate these unforgivable tragedies.

The problem, as I see it is this…We are a selfish lot. We all want things to be nice and cozy within our own inner circles, WITHOUT really giving much thought to the plight of others. Now, is it WRONG to be concerned about our own well being, and for those who are close to us, of course NOT.

Where we need to change as people, is in our AWARENESS of the ones who are less fortunate than we are. I believe that with the wealth of our great Nation alone, hunger could be eliminated. Billions who are suffering the pains from the lack of food could not ONLY be fed, but taught HOW to grow and obtain food food for a lifetime.

Here’s the problem, SELFISHNESS and GREED.  While our leaders ‘Say’ they are doing everything they can to feed the starving, and heal the sick, a vast majority of our money goes into the Military Defense Budget. The truth is, we have so many Nukes, we could blow the world up several times. My question…WHY???

The answer of course is because everyone ELSE has them also. Seems kind of childish to me, being a simple person with simple thoughts. If ONLY the world could SEE and UNDERSTAND that by putting AWAY our hatred and selfishness, and helping OTHERS instead, we could change our world for the better.

My question…When will we EVER learn?????


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